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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_strptime.Strptime12AMPMTests Class Reference

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def test_twelve_noon_midnight

Detailed Description

Test a _strptime regression in '%I %p' at 12 noon (12 PM)

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Member Function Documentation

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00388     def test_twelve_noon_midnight(self):
00389         eq = self.assertEqual
00390         eq(time.strptime('12 PM', '%I %p')[3], 12)
00391         eq(time.strptime('12 AM', '%I %p')[3], 0)
00392         eq(_strptime._strptime_time('12 PM', '%I %p')[3], 12)
00393         eq(_strptime._strptime_time('12 AM', '%I %p')[3], 0)

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