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test.test_raise.TestTraceback Class Reference

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def test_sets_traceback
def test_accepts_traceback

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Definition at line 182 of file

00183     def test_accepts_traceback(self):
00184         tb = get_tb()
00185         try:
00186             raise IndexError().with_traceback(tb)
00187         except IndexError as e:
00188             self.assertNotEqual(e.__traceback__, tb)
00189             self.assertEqual(e.__traceback__.tb_next, tb)
00190         else:
00191   "No exception raised")

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00175     def test_sets_traceback(self):
00176         try:
00177             raise IndexError()
00178         except IndexError as e:
00179             self.assertIsInstance(e.__traceback__, types.TracebackType)
00180         else:
00181   "No exception raised")

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