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test.test_pdb.PdbTestCase Class Reference

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def test_issue7964
def tearDown

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00614     def tearDown(self):
00615         support.unlink(support.TESTFN)

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00599     def test_issue7964(self):
00600         # open the file as binary so we can force \r\n newline
00601         with open(support.TESTFN, 'wb') as f:
00602             f.write(b'print("testing my pdb")\r\n')
00603         cmd = [sys.executable, '-m', 'pdb', support.TESTFN]
00604         proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd,
00605             stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
00606             stdin=subprocess.PIPE,
00607             stderr=subprocess.STDOUT,
00608             )
00609         self.addCleanup(proc.stdout.close)
00610         stdout, stderr = proc.communicate(b'quit\n')
00611         self.assertNotIn(b'SyntaxError', stdout,
00612                          "Got a syntax error running test script under PDB")

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