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test.test_os.PidTests Class Reference

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def test_getppid

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Definition at line 1202 of file

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Definition at line 1204 of file

01205     def test_getppid(self):
01206         p = subprocess.Popen([sys.executable, '-c',
01207                               'import os; print(os.getppid())'],
01208                              stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
01209         stdout, _ = p.communicate()
01210         # We are the parent of our subprocess
01211         self.assertEqual(int(stdout), os.getpid())
01214 # The introduction of this TestCase caused at least two different errors on
01215 # *nix buildbots. Temporarily skip this to let the buildbots move along.
01216 @unittest.skip("Skip due to platform/environment differences on *NIX buildbots")
@unittest.skipUnless(hasattr(os, 'getlogin'), "test needs os.getlogin")

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