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test.test_os.FSEncodingTests Class Reference

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def test_nop
def test_identity

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Definition at line 1192 of file

01193     def test_identity(self):
01194         # assert fsdecode(fsencode(x)) == x
01195         for fn in ('unicode\u0141', 'latin\xe9', 'ascii'):
01196             try:
01197                 bytesfn = os.fsencode(fn)
01198             except UnicodeEncodeError:
01199                 continue
01200             self.assertEqual(os.fsdecode(bytesfn), fn)

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01189     def test_nop(self):
01190         self.assertEqual(os.fsencode(b'abc\xff'), b'abc\xff')
01191         self.assertEqual(os.fsdecode('abc\u0141'), 'abc\u0141')

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