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test.test_multiprocessing._TestZZZNumberOfObjects Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def test_number_of_objects
def assertTimingAlmostEqual
def assertReturnsIfImplemented
def __reduce__

Public Attributes

_PyObject_HEAD_EXTRA Py_ssize_t ob_refcnt
struct _typeobjectob_type

Static Public Attributes

tuple ALLOWED_TYPES = ('manager',)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1200 of file

Member Function Documentation

def test.test_multiprocessing.BaseTestCase.__reduce__ (   self,
) [inherited]

Definition at line 124 of file

00125     def __reduce__(self, *args):
00126         raise NotImplementedError("shouldn't try to pickle a test case")

def test.test_multiprocessing.BaseTestCase.assertReturnsIfImplemented (   self,
) [inherited]

Definition at line 114 of file

00115     def assertReturnsIfImplemented(self, value, func, *args):
00116         try:
00117             res = func(*args)
00118         except NotImplementedError:
00119             pass
00120         else:
00121             return self.assertEqual(value, res)

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def test.test_multiprocessing.BaseTestCase.assertTimingAlmostEqual (   self,
) [inherited]

Definition at line 110 of file

00111     def assertTimingAlmostEqual(self, a, b):
00112         if CHECK_TIMINGS:
00113             self.assertAlmostEqual(a, b, 1)

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Definition at line 1207 of file

01208     def test_number_of_objects(self):
01209         EXPECTED_NUMBER = 1                # the pool object is still alive
01210         multiprocessing.active_children()  # discard dead process objs
01211         gc.collect()                       # do garbage collection
01212         refs = self.manager._number_of_objects()
01213         debug_info = self.manager._debug_info()
01214         if refs != EXPECTED_NUMBER:
01215             print(self.manager._debug_info())
01216             print(debug_info)
01218         self.assertEqual(refs, EXPECTED_NUMBER)
01220 #
01221 # Test of creating a customized manager class
01222 #

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Member Data Documentation

Reimplemented from test.test_multiprocessing.BaseTestCase.

Definition at line 1205 of file

Definition at line 107 of file object.h.

struct _typeobject* _object::ob_type [inherited]

Definition at line 108 of file object.h.

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