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test.test_iterlen.TestRepeat Class Reference

------- Concrete Type Tests ------- More...

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Public Member Functions

def setUp
def test_no_len_for_infinite_repeat
def test_invariant

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------- Concrete Type Tests -------

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00093     def setUp(self):
00094 = repeat(None, n)

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00066     def test_invariant(self):
00067         it =
00068         for i in reversed(range(1, n+1)):
00069             self.assertEqual(len(it), i)
00070             next(it)
00071         self.assertEqual(len(it), 0)
00072         self.assertRaises(StopIteration, next, it)
00073         self.assertEqual(len(it), 0)

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00096     def test_no_len_for_infinite_repeat(self):
00097         # The repeat() object can also be infinite
00098         self.assertRaises(TypeError, len, repeat(None))

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