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test.test_inspect.IsTestBase Class Reference
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def istest

Static Public Attributes

tuple predicates

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def test.test_inspect.IsTestBase.istest (   self,

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00058     def istest(self, predicate, exp):
00059         obj = eval(exp)
00060         self.assertTrue(predicate(obj), '%s(%s)' % (predicate.__name__, exp))
00062         for other in self.predicates - set([predicate]):
00063             if predicate == inspect.isgeneratorfunction and\
00064                other == inspect.isfunction:
00065                 continue
00066             self.assertFalse(other(obj), 'not %s(%s)' % (other.__name__, exp))

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
set([inspect.isbuiltin, inspect.isclass, inspect.iscode,
                      inspect.isframe, inspect.isfunction, inspect.ismethod,
                      inspect.ismodule, inspect.istraceback,
                      inspect.isgenerator, inspect.isgeneratorfunction])

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