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test.test_imp.ReloadTests Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def test_source
def test_extension
def test_builtin

Detailed Description

Very basic tests to make sure that imp.reload() operates just like

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Member Function Documentation

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00202     def test_builtin(self):
00203         with support.CleanImport('marshal'):
00204             import marshal
00205             imp.reload(marshal)

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00197     def test_extension(self):
00198         with support.CleanImport('time'):
00199             import time
00200             imp.reload(time)

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00185     def test_source(self):
00186         # XXX (ncoghlan): It would be nice to use
00187         # here, but that breaks because the os module registers some
00188         # handlers in copy_reg on import. Since CleanImport doesn't
00189         # revert that registration, the module is left in a broken
00190         # state after reversion. Reinitialising the module contents
00191         # and just reverting os.environ to its previous state is an OK
00192         # workaround
00193         with support.EnvironmentVarGuard():
00194             import os
00195             imp.reload(os)

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