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test.test_getargs2.Unicode_TestCase Class Reference

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def test_u
def test_u_hash
def test_Z
def test_Z_hash

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Definition at line 392 of file

00393     def test_u(self):
00394         from _testcapi import getargs_u
00395         self.assertEqual(getargs_u('abc\xe9'), 'abc\xe9')
00396         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u, 'nul:\0')
00397         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u, b'bytes')
00398         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u, bytearray(b'bytearray'))
00399         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u, memoryview(b'memoryview'))
00400         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u, None)

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00402     def test_u_hash(self):
00403         from _testcapi import getargs_u_hash
00404         self.assertEqual(getargs_u_hash('abc\xe9'), 'abc\xe9')
00405         self.assertEqual(getargs_u_hash('nul:\0'), 'nul:\0')
00406         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u_hash, b'bytes')
00407         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u_hash, bytearray(b'bytearray'))
00408         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u_hash, memoryview(b'memoryview'))
00409         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_u_hash, None)

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00411     def test_Z(self):
00412         from _testcapi import getargs_Z
00413         self.assertEqual(getargs_Z('abc\xe9'), 'abc\xe9')
00414         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z, 'nul:\0')
00415         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z, b'bytes')
00416         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z, bytearray(b'bytearray'))
00417         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z, memoryview(b'memoryview'))
00418         self.assertIsNone(getargs_Z(None))

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Definition at line 419 of file

00420     def test_Z_hash(self):
00421         from _testcapi import getargs_Z_hash
00422         self.assertEqual(getargs_Z_hash('abc\xe9'), 'abc\xe9')
00423         self.assertEqual(getargs_Z_hash('nul:\0'), 'nul:\0')
00424         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z_hash, b'bytes')
00425         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z_hash, bytearray(b'bytearray'))
00426         self.assertRaises(TypeError, getargs_Z_hash, memoryview(b'memoryview'))
00427         self.assertIsNone(getargs_Z_hash(None))

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