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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_fnmatch.TranslateTestCase Class Reference

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def test_translate

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00066     def test_translate(self):
00067         self.assertEqual(translate('*'), '.*\Z(?ms)')
00068         self.assertEqual(translate('?'), '.\Z(?ms)')
00069         self.assertEqual(translate('a?b*'), 'a.b.*\Z(?ms)')
00070         self.assertEqual(translate('[abc]'), '[abc]\Z(?ms)')
00071         self.assertEqual(translate('[]]'), '[]]\Z(?ms)')
00072         self.assertEqual(translate('[!x]'), '[^x]\Z(?ms)')
00073         self.assertEqual(translate('[^x]'), '[\\^x]\Z(?ms)')
00074         self.assertEqual(translate('[x'), '\\[x\Z(?ms)')

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