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test.test_codecs.PunycodeTest Class Reference

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def test_encode
def test_decode

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00881     def test_decode(self):
00882         for uni, puny in punycode_testcases:
00883             self.assertEqual(uni, puny.decode("punycode"))
00884             puny = puny.decode("ascii").encode("ascii")
00885             self.assertEqual(uni, puny.decode("punycode"))

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00869     def test_encode(self):
00870         for uni, puny in punycode_testcases:
00871             # Need to convert both strings to lower case, since
00872             # some of the extended encodings use upper case, but our
00873             # code produces only lower case. Converting just puny to
00874             # lower is also insufficient, since some of the input characters
00875             # are upper case.
00876             self.assertEqual(
00877                 str(uni.encode("punycode"), "ascii").lower(),
00878                 str(puny, "ascii").lower()
00879             )

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