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python3.2  3.2.2
Static Public Attributes
test.test_argparse.TestPositionalsNargs2Optional Class Reference

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Static Public Attributes

list argument_signatures = [Sig('foo', nargs=2), Sig('bar', nargs='?')]
list failures = ['', '--foo', 'a', 'a b c d']
list successes

Detailed Description

Test a Positional with 2 nargs followed by one optional

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Member Data Documentation

list test.test_argparse.TestPositionalsNargs2Optional.argument_signatures = [Sig('foo', nargs=2), Sig('bar', nargs='?')] [static]

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list test.test_argparse.TestPositionalsNargs2Optional.failures = ['', '--foo', 'a', 'a b c d'] [static]

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Initial value:
        ('a b', NS(foo=['a', 'b'], bar=None)),
        ('a b c', NS(foo=['a', 'b'], bar='c')),

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