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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_argparse.TestOptionLike Class Reference

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Static Public Attributes

list argument_signatures
list failures
list successes

Detailed Description

Tests options that may or may not be arguments

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Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        Sig('-x', type=float),
        Sig('-3', type=float, dest='y'),
        Sig('z', nargs='*'),

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Initial value:
['-x', '-y2.5', '-xa', '-x -a',
                '-x -3', '-x -3.5', '-3 -3.5',
                '-x -2.5', '-x -2.5 a', '-3 -.5',
                'a x -1', '-x -1 a', '-3 -1 a']

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Initial value:
        ('', NS(x=None, y=None, z=[])),
        ('-x 2.5', NS(x=2.5, y=None, z=[])),
        ('-x 2.5 a', NS(x=2.5, y=None, z=['a'])),
        ('-3.5', NS(x=None, y=0.5, z=[])),
        ('-3-.5', NS(x=None, y=-0.5, z=[])),
        ('-3 .5', NS(x=None, y=0.5, z=[])),
        ('a -3.5', NS(x=None, y=0.5, z=['a'])),
        ('a', NS(x=None, y=None, z=['a'])),
        ('a -x 1', NS(x=1.0, y=None, z=['a'])),
        ('-x 1 a', NS(x=1.0, y=None, z=['a'])),
        ('-3 1 a', NS(x=None, y=1.0, z=['a'])),

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