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test.test_argparse.TestImportStar Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def test
def test_all_exports_everything_but_modules
def assertEqual
def setUp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 4651 of file

Member Function Documentation

def test.test_argparse.TestCase.assertEqual (   self,
) [inherited]

Definition at line 22 of file

00023     def assertEqual(self, obj1, obj2):
00024         if obj1 != obj2:
00025             print('')
00026             print(repr(obj1))
00027             print(repr(obj2))
00028             print(obj1)
00029             print(obj2)
00030         super(TestCase, self).assertEqual(obj1, obj2)

def test.test_argparse.TestCase.setUp (   self) [inherited]

Reimplemented in test.test_argparse.TestParentParsers, and test.test_argparse.TestAddSubparsers.

Definition at line 31 of file

00032     def setUp(self):
00033         # The tests assume that line wrapping occurs at 80 columns, but this
00034         # behaviour can be overridden by setting the COLUMNS environment
00035         # variable.  To ensure that this assumption is true, unset COLUMNS.
00036         env = support.EnvironmentVarGuard()
00037         env.unset("COLUMNS")
00038         self.addCleanup(env.__exit__)

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Definition at line 4653 of file

04654     def test(self):
04655         for name in argparse.__all__:
04656             self.assertTrue(hasattr(argparse, name))

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Definition at line 4657 of file

04658     def test_all_exports_everything_but_modules(self):
04659         items = [
04660             name
04661             for name, value in vars(argparse).items()
04662             if not (name.startswith("_") or name == 'ngettext')
04663             if not inspect.ismodule(value)
04664         ]
04665         self.assertEqual(sorted(items), sorted(argparse.__all__))

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