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python3.2  3.2.2
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test.test_argparse.TestHelpArgumentDefaults Class Reference
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Static Public Attributes

tuple parser_signature
list argument_signatures
list argument_group_signatures
string usage
string help
string version = ''

Detailed Description

Test the ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter

Definition at line 3890 of file

Member Data Documentation

Initial value:
        (Sig('title', description='description'),
         [Sig('--baz', type=int, default=42, help='baz help')]),

Definition at line 3903 of file

Initial value:
        Sig('--foo', help='foo help - oh and by the way, %(default)s'),
        Sig('--bar', action='store_true', help='bar help'),
        Sig('spam', help='spam help'),
        Sig('badger', nargs='?', default='wooden', help='badger help'),

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Initial value:


    positional arguments:
      spam        spam help
      badger      badger help (default: wooden)

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help  show this help message and exit
      --foo FOO   foo help - oh and by the way, None
      --bar       bar help (default: False)


      --baz BAZ   baz help (default: 42)

Definition at line 3910 of file

Initial value:
        prog='PROG', formatter_class=argparse.ArgumentDefaultsHelpFormatter,

Definition at line 3893 of file

Initial value:
    usage: PROG [-h] [--foo FOO] [--bar] [--baz BAZ] spam [badger]

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