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tempfile.TemporaryDirectory Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __repr__
def __enter__
def cleanup
def __exit__
def __del__

Public Attributes

_PyObject_HEAD_EXTRA Py_ssize_t ob_refcnt
struct _typeobjectob_type

Private Member Functions

def _rmtree

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

tuple _listdir = staticmethod(_os.listdir)
tuple _path_join = staticmethod(_os.path.join)
tuple _isdir = staticmethod(_os.path.isdir)
tuple _islink = staticmethod(_os.path.islink)
tuple _remove = staticmethod(_os.remove)
tuple _rmdir = staticmethod(_os.rmdir)
 _os_error = _os.error
 _warn = _warnings.warn

Detailed Description

Create and return a temporary directory.  This has the same
behavior as mkdtemp but can be used as a context manager.  For

    with TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdir:

Upon exiting the context, the directory and everthing contained
in it are removed.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def tempfile.TemporaryDirectory.__init__ (   self,
  suffix = "",
  prefix = template,
  dir = None 

Definition at line 621 of file

00622     def __init__(self, suffix="", prefix=template, dir=None):
00623         self._closed = False
00624 = None # Handle mkdtemp throwing an exception
00625 = mkdtemp(suffix, prefix, dir)

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00654     def __del__(self):
00655         # Issue a ResourceWarning if implicit cleanup needed
00656         self.cleanup(_warn=True)

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Member Function Documentation

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00630     def __enter__(self):
00631         return

def tempfile.TemporaryDirectory.__exit__ (   self,

Definition at line 650 of file

00651     def __exit__(self, exc, value, tb):
00652         self.cleanup()

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Definition at line 626 of file

00627     def __repr__(self):
00628         return "<{} {!r}>".format(self.__class__.__name__,

def tempfile.TemporaryDirectory._rmtree (   self,
) [private]

Definition at line 670 of file

00671     def _rmtree(self, path):
00672         # Essentially a stripped down version of shutil.rmtree.  We can't
00673         # use globals because they may be None'ed out at shutdown.
00674         for name in self._listdir(path):
00675             fullname = self._path_join(path, name)
00676             try:
00677                 isdir = self._isdir(fullname) and not self._islink(fullname)
00678             except self._os_error:
00679                 isdir = False
00680             if isdir:
00681                 self._rmtree(fullname)
00682             else:
00683                 try:
00684                     self._remove(fullname)
00685                 except self._os_error:
00686                     pass
00687         try:
00688             self._rmdir(path)
00689         except self._os_error:
00690             pass

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def tempfile.TemporaryDirectory.cleanup (   self,
  _warn = False 

Definition at line 632 of file

00633     def cleanup(self, _warn=False):
00634         if and not self._closed:
00635             try:
00636                 self._rmtree(
00637             except (TypeError, AttributeError) as ex:
00638                 # Issue #10188: Emit a warning on stderr
00639                 # if the directory could not be cleaned
00640                 # up due to missing globals
00641                 if "None" not in str(ex):
00642                     raise
00643                 print("ERROR: {!r} while cleaning up {!r}".format(ex, self,),
00644                       file=_sys.stderr)
00645                 return
00646             self._closed = True
00647             if _warn:
00648                 self._warn("Implicitly cleaning up {!r}".format(self),
00649                            ResourceWarning)

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Member Data Documentation

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tuple tempfile.TemporaryDirectory._islink = staticmethod(_os.path.islink) [static, private]

Definition at line 664 of file

tuple tempfile.TemporaryDirectory._listdir = staticmethod(_os.listdir) [static, private]

Definition at line 661 of file

Definition at line 667 of file

Definition at line 662 of file

tuple tempfile.TemporaryDirectory._remove = staticmethod(_os.remove) [static, private]

Definition at line 665 of file

Definition at line 666 of file

tempfile.TemporaryDirectory._warn = _warnings.warn [static, private]

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Definition at line 107 of file object.h.

struct _typeobject* _object::ob_type [inherited]

Definition at line 108 of file object.h.

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