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importlib._bootstrap._FileFinder Class Reference

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def __init__
def find_module

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Detailed Description

File-based finder.

Constructor takes a list of objects detailing what file extensions their
loader supports along with whether it can be used for a package.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def importlib._bootstrap._FileFinder.__init__ (   self,
Initialize with finder details.

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00652     def __init__(self, path, *details):
00653         """Initialize with finder details."""
00654         packages = []
00655         modules = []
00656         for detail in details:
00657             modules.extend((suffix, detail.loader) for suffix in detail.suffixes)
00658             if detail.supports_packages:
00659                 packages.extend((suffix, detail.loader)
00660                                 for suffix in detail.suffixes)
00661         self.packages = packages
00662         self.modules = modules
00663         self.path = path

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Member Function Documentation

def importlib._bootstrap._FileFinder.find_module (   self,
Try to find a loader for the specified module.

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00665     def find_module(self, fullname):
00666         """Try to find a loader for the specified module."""
00667         tail_module = fullname.rpartition('.')[2]
00668         base_path = _path_join(self.path, tail_module)
00669         if _path_isdir(base_path) and _case_ok(self.path, tail_module):
00670             for suffix, loader in self.packages:
00671                 init_filename = '__init__' + suffix
00672                 full_path = _path_join(base_path, init_filename)
00673                 if (_path_isfile(full_path) and
00674                         _case_ok(base_path, init_filename)):
00675                     return loader(fullname, full_path)
00676             else:
00677                 msg = "Not importing directory {}: missing __init__"
00678                 _warnings.warn(msg.format(base_path), ImportWarning)
00679         for suffix, loader in self.modules:
00680             mod_filename = tail_module + suffix
00681             full_path = _path_join(self.path, mod_filename)
00682             if _path_isfile(full_path) and _case_ok(self.path, mod_filename):
00683                 return loader(fullname, full_path)
00684         return None

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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