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decimal.Rounded Class Reference
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def handle

Detailed Description

Number got rounded (not  necessarily changed during rounding).

This occurs and signals rounded whenever the result of an operation is
rounded (that is, some zero or non-zero digits were discarded from the
coefficient), or if an overflow or underflow condition occurs.  The
result in all cases is unchanged.

The rounded signal may be tested (or trapped) to determine if a given
operation (or sequence of operations) caused a loss of precision.

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Member Function Documentation

def decimal.DecimalException.handle (   self,
) [inherited]

Reimplemented in decimal.InvalidContext, decimal.DivisionUndefined, decimal.DivisionImpossible, decimal.ConversionSyntax, and decimal.InvalidOperation.

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00179     def handle(self, context, *args):
00180         pass

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