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ctypes.test.test_random_things.call_function_TestCase Class Reference

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def test

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00015         def test(self):
00016             from _ctypes import call_function
00017             windll.kernel32.LoadLibraryA.restype = c_void_p
00018             windll.kernel32.GetProcAddress.argtypes = c_void_p, c_char_p
00019             windll.kernel32.GetProcAddress.restype = c_void_p
00021             hdll = windll.kernel32.LoadLibraryA(b"kernel32")
00022             funcaddr = windll.kernel32.GetProcAddress(hdll, b"GetModuleHandleA")
00024             self.assertEqual(call_function(funcaddr, (None,)),
00025                                  windll.kernel32.GetModuleHandleA(None))

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