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abc.abstractproperty Class Reference

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Static Private Attributes

 __isabstractmethod__ = True

Detailed Description

A decorator indicating abstract properties.

Requires that the metaclass is ABCMeta or derived from it.  A
class that has a metaclass derived from ABCMeta cannot be
instantiated unless all of its abstract properties are overridden.
The abstract properties can be called using any of the normal
'super' call mechanisms.


    class C(metaclass=ABCMeta):
        def my_abstract_property(self):

This defines a read-only property; you can also define a read-write
abstract property using the 'long' form of property declaration:

    class C(metaclass=ABCMeta):
        def getx(self): ...
        def setx(self, value): ...
        x = abstractproperty(getx, setx)

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