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python-biopython  1.60
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namespace  test_seq


def test_seq.complement
def test_seq.sorted_dict


string test_seq.array_indicator = "u"
tuple test_seq.s = Seq.Seq("TCAAAAGGATGCATCATG", IUPAC.unambiguous_dna)
tuple test_seq.t = Seq.Seq("T", IUPAC.unambiguous_dna)
 test_seq.u = s+t
tuple test_seq.string_seq = MutableSeq("TCAAAAGGATGCATCATG", IUPAC.ambiguous_dna)
tuple test_seq.array_seq
tuple test_seq.converted_seq = s.tomutable()
list test_seq.dna
list test_seq.rna
list test_seq.nuc = [Seq.Seq("ATCG", Alphabet.generic_nucleotide),"UUUTTTACG"]
list test_seq.protein
 test_seq.c = a+b
list test_seq.test_chars = ["-", Seq.Seq("-"), Seq.Seq("*"), "-X@"]
tuple test_seq.alpha = Alphabet._get_base_alphabet(a.alphabet)
tuple test_seq.b = Seq.Seq("-", Alphabet.generic_nucleotide)
tuple test_seq.str_chars = str(chars)
tuple test_seq.compl_values = complement(values)
list test_seq.test_seqs
list test_seq.protein_seqs
tuple test_seq.expected = Seq.transcribe(nucleotide_seq)
tuple test_seq.short = Seq.translate(nucleotide_seq, to_stop=True)
string test_seq.misc_stops = "TAATAGTGAAGAAGG"
string test_seq.table = 'Yeast Mitochondrial'
tuple test_seq.ambig = set(IUPAC.IUPACAmbiguousDNA.letters)
tuple test_seq.values