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python-biopython  1.60
test_geo Namespace Reference


list testfiles = [ 'GSE16.txt', 'GSM645.txt', 'GSM691.txt', 'GSM700.txt', 'GSM804.txt' ]
tuple fh = open(os.path.join("Geo", file), encoding="latin")
tuple records = Bio.Geo.parse(fh)

Detailed Description

Tests the basic functionality of the GEO parsers.

Variable Documentation

tuple test_geo.fh = open(os.path.join("Geo", file), encoding="latin")

Definition at line 23 of file

Definition at line 27 of file

list test_geo.testfiles = [ 'GSE16.txt', 'GSM645.txt', 'GSM691.txt', 'GSM700.txt', 'GSM804.txt' ]

Definition at line 8 of file