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python-biopython  1.60
Bio.Restriction.RanaConfig Namespace Reference


int ConsoleWidth = 80
 Configuration of the console.
int NameWidth = 10
int Indent = 4
int MaxSize = 6
string ftp_proxy = ''
string ftp_Rebase = ''
 Rebase ftp location.
string ftp_emb_e = 'pub/rebase/emboss_e.###'
string ftp_emb_s = 'pub/rebase/emboss_s.###'
string ftp_emb_r = 'pub/rebase/emboss_r.###'
string Rebase_name = 'anonymous'
 ftp rebase account.
string Rebase_password = ''

Variable Documentation

Configuration of the console.

Mainly used by PrintFormat.PrintFormat

ConsoleWidth : width of the console used default to 80. should never be less than 60. NameWidth : space attributed to the name in PrintList method. Indent : Indent of the second line. MaxSize : Maximal size of the sequence (default=6: -> 99 999 bp + 1 trailing ',' people are unlikely to ask for restriction map of sequences bigger than 100.000 bp. This is needed to determine the space to be reserved for sites location.

MaxSize = 5 => 9.999 bp MaxSize = 6 => 99.999 bp MaxSize = 7 => 999.999 bp example:

<------------ ConsoleWidth ---------------> <- NameWidth -> EcoRI : 1, 45, 50, 300, 400, 650, 700, 1200, 2500. <--> Indent

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string Bio.Restriction.RanaConfig.ftp_emb_e = 'pub/rebase/emboss_e.###'

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string Bio.Restriction.RanaConfig.ftp_emb_r = 'pub/rebase/emboss_r.###'

Definition at line 65 of file

string Bio.Restriction.RanaConfig.ftp_emb_s = 'pub/rebase/emboss_s.###'

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Enter here the address of your proxy if any. If you don't use proxy use an empty string i.e. ftp_proxy = '' -> no proxy

ftp_proxy = 'http://www.somewhere.something:one_number' -> www.somewhere.something is the address of the proxy. one_number is the port number.

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string Bio.Restriction.RanaConfig.ftp_Rebase = ''

Rebase ftp location.

Do not modify the addresses.

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ftp rebase account.

In order to update the rebase files, Rana need to connect to the ftp server corresponding.

the general procedure for accessing a ftp server is generally to connect as anonymous user (rebase_name) and providing your e-mail address as password.

Therefore, you need to enter your e-mail address in rebase_password. The address will not be send to anyone but is necessary to login the ftp server of rebase when connecting as anonymous user.

Do not forget to enclose the address between "'".

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