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python-biopython  1.60
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Bio.Phylo.PAML.baseml Namespace Reference


class  BasemlError
class  Baseml


def read

Class Documentation

class Bio::Phylo::PAML::baseml::BasemlError
BASEML has failed. Run with verbose = True to view BASEML's error

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Function Documentation

def (   results_file)

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00185 def read(results_file):
00186     results = {}
00187     """Parse a BASEML results file."""
00188     if not os.path.exists(results_file):
00189         raise IOError, "Results file does not exist."
00190     handle = open(results_file)
00191     lines = handle.readlines()
00192     handle.close()
00193     (results, num_params) = _parse_baseml.parse_basics(lines, results)
00194     results = _parse_baseml.parse_parameters(lines, results, num_params)
00195     if results.get("version") is None:
00196         raise ValueError, "Invalid results file"
00197     return results

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