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python-biopython  1.60
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Bio.PDB.PDBIO Namespace Reference


class  Select
class  PDBIO


string _ATOM_FORMAT_STRING = "%s%5i %-4s%c%3s %c%4i%c %8.3f%8.3f%8.3f%6.2f%6.2f %4s%2s%2s\n"
tuple p = PDBParser(PERMISSIVE=True)
tuple s = p.get_structure("test", sys.argv[1])
tuple io = PDBIO()
tuple fp = open("out2.pdb", "w")
tuple s1 = p.get_structure("test1", sys.argv[1])
tuple s2 = p.get_structure("test2", sys.argv[2])

Variable Documentation

string Bio.PDB.PDBIO._ATOM_FORMAT_STRING = "%s%5i %-4s%c%3s %c%4i%c %8.3f%8.3f%8.3f%6.2f%6.2f %4s%2s%2s\n"

Definition at line 10 of file

tuple Bio.PDB.PDBIO.fp = open("out2.pdb", "w")

Definition at line 182 of file

Definition at line 178 of file

tuple Bio.PDB.PDBIO.p = PDBParser(PERMISSIVE=True)

Definition at line 174 of file

tuple Bio.PDB.PDBIO.s = p.get_structure("test", sys.argv[1])

Definition at line 176 of file

tuple Bio.PDB.PDBIO.s1 = p.get_structure("test1", sys.argv[1])

Definition at line 183 of file

tuple Bio.PDB.PDBIO.s2 = p.get_structure("test2", sys.argv[2])

Definition at line 184 of file