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python-biopython  1.60
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test_GASelection.RouletteWheelSelectionTest Class Reference

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def setUp
def test_select_best
def test_selection

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Test selection using a roulette wheel selection scheme.

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Ensure selection of a best organism in a population of 2.

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00170     def test_select_best(self):
00171         """Ensure selection of a best organism in a population of 2.
00172         """
00173         worst_genome = MutableSeq("0", TestAlphabet())
00174         worst_org = Organism(worst_genome, test_fitness)
00176         better_genome = MutableSeq("1", TestAlphabet())
00177         better_org = Organism(better_genome, test_fitness)
00179         new_pop =[worst_org, better_org])
00180         for org in new_pop:
00181             self.assertEqual(org, better_org,
00182                              "Worse organism unexpectly selected.")

Test basic selection on a small population.

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00184     def test_selection(self):
00185         """Test basic selection on a small population.
00186         """
00187         pop = [random_organism() for org_num in range(50)]
00188         new_pop =
00190         self.assertEqual(len(new_pop), len(pop),
00191                          "Did not maintain population size.")

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