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python-biopython  1.60
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test_EmbossPrimer.PrimerSearchInputTest Class Reference

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def setUp
def test_primer_representation

Detailed Description

Test creating input files for primersearch.

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00224     def setUp(self):
00225         pass

Make sure we can output primer information correctly.

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00227     def test_primer_representation(self):
00228         """Make sure we can output primer information correctly.
00229         """
00230         p_info = PrimerSearch.InputRecord()
00231         p_info.add_primer_set("Test", "GATC", "CATG")
00232         p_info.add_primer_set("Test2", "AATA", "TTAT")
00234         output = str(p_info)
00235         self.assertEqual(output,
00236                          "Test GATC CATG\n"
00237                          "Test2 AATA TTAT\n")

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