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python-biopython  1.60
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setup.test_biopython Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def initialize_options
def finalize_options
def run

Static Public Attributes

string description = "Automatically run the test suite for Biopython."
list user_options = []

Detailed Description

Run all of the tests for the package.

This is a automatic test run class to make distutils kind of act like
perl. With this you can do:

python build
python install
python test

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Member Function Documentation

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00230     def finalize_options(self):
00231         pass

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00227     def initialize_options(self):
00228         pass

def (   self)

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00233     def run(self):
00234         this_dir = os.getcwd()
00236         # change to the test dir and run the tests
00237         os.chdir("Tests")
00238         sys.path.insert(0, '')
00239         import run_tests   
00240         run_tests.main([])
00242         # change back to the current directory
00243         os.chdir(this_dir)

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Member Data Documentation

string setup.test_biopython.description = "Automatically run the test suite for Biopython." [static]

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