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python-biopython  1.60
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BioSQL.BioSeqDatabase.Adaptor Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def last_id
def autocommit
def commit
def rollback
def close
def fetch_dbid_by_dbname

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def BioSQL.BioSeqDatabase.Adaptor.__init__ (   self,

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00268     def __init__(self, conn, dbutils):
00269         self.conn = conn
00270         self.cursor = conn.cursor()
00271         self.dbutils = dbutils

Member Function Documentation

def BioSQL.BioSeqDatabase.Adaptor.autocommit (   self,
  y = True 
Set the autocommit mode. True values enable; False value disable.

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00276     def autocommit(self, y=True):
00277         """Set the autocommit mode. True values enable; False value disable."""
00278         return self.dbutils.autocommit(self.conn, y)

Close the connection. No further activity possible.

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00288     def close(self):
00289         """Close the connection. No further activity possible."""
00290         return self.conn.close()

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Commits the current transaction.

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00280     def commit(self):
00281         """Commits the current transaction."""
00282         return self.conn.commit()

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00292     def fetch_dbid_by_dbname(self, dbname):
00293         self.execute(
00294             r"select biodatabase_id from biodatabase where name = %s",
00295             (dbname,))
00296         rv = self.cursor.fetchall()
00297         if not rv:
00298             raise KeyError("Cannot find biodatabase with name %r" % dbname)
        # Cannot happen (UK)

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def BioSQL.BioSeqDatabase.Adaptor.last_id (   self,

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00273     def last_id(self, table):
00274         return self.dbutils.last_id(self.cursor, table)

Rolls backs the current transaction.

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00284     def rollback(self):
00285         """Rolls backs the current transaction."""
00286         return self.conn.rollback()

Member Data Documentation

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