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python-biopython  1.60
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Bio.NeuralNetwork.Gene.Schema.SchemaFinder Class Reference

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def __init__
def find
def find_differences

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Detailed Description

Find schema in a set of sequences using a genetic algorithm approach.

Finding good schemas is very difficult because it takes forever to
enumerate all of the potential schemas. This finder using a genetic
algorithm approach to evolve good schema which match many times in
a set of sequences.

The default implementation of the finder is ready to find schemas
in a set of DNA sequences, but the finder can be customized to deal
with any type of data.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def Bio.NeuralNetwork.Gene.Schema.SchemaFinder.__init__ (   self,
  num_schemas = 100,
  schema_finder = GeneticAlgorithmFinder() 

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00453                  schema_finder = GeneticAlgorithmFinder()):
00454         self.num_schemas = num_schemas
00455         self._finder = schema_finder
00457         self.evaluator = Schema(self._finder.alphabet.alphabet_matches)

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Member Function Documentation

def Bio.NeuralNetwork.Gene.Schema.SchemaFinder.find (   self,
Find well-represented schemas in the given set of SeqRecords.

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00459     def find(self, seq_records):
00460         """Find well-represented schemas in the given set of SeqRecords.
00461         """
00462         fitness_evaluator = MostCountSchemaFitness(seq_records,
00463                                                    self.evaluator)
00465         return self._finder.find_schemas(fitness_evaluator.calculate_fitness,
00466                                          self.num_schemas)

def Bio.NeuralNetwork.Gene.Schema.SchemaFinder.find_differences (   self,
Find schemas which differentiate between the two sets of SeqRecords.

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00468     def find_differences(self, first_records, second_records):
00469         """Find schemas which differentiate between the two sets of SeqRecords.
00470         """
00471         fitness_evaluator = DifferentialSchemaFitness(first_records,
00472                                                       second_records,
00473                                                       self.evaluator)
00475         return self._finder.find_schemas(fitness_evaluator.calculate_fitness,
00476                                          self.num_schemas)

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