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python-biopython  1.60
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Bio.Emboss.PrimerSearch.InputRecord Class Reference

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def __init__
def __str__
def add_primer_set

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Detailed Description

Represent the input file into the primersearch program.

This makes it easy to add primer information and write it out to the
simple primer file format.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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00012     def __init__(self):
00013         self.primer_info = []

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00015     def __str__(self):
00016         output = ""
00017         for name, primer1, primer2 in self.primer_info:
00018             output += "%s %s %s\n" % (name, primer1, primer2)
00019         return output

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def Bio.Emboss.PrimerSearch.InputRecord.add_primer_set (   self,
Add primer information to the record.

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00022                        second_primer_seq):
00023         """Add primer information to the record.
00024         """
00025         self.primer_info.append((primer_name, first_primer_seq,
00026                                  second_primer_seq))

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