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python-biopython  1.60
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Bio.Application.ApplicationError Class Reference

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def __init__
def __str__
def __repr__

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Detailed Description

Raised when an application returns a non-zero exit status.

The exit status will be stored in the returncode attribute, similarly
the command line string used in the cmd attribute, and (if captured)
stdout and stderr as strings.

This exception is a subclass of subprocess.CalledProcessError.

>>> err = ApplicationError(-11, "helloworld", "", "Some error text")
>>> err.returncode, err.cmd, err.stdout, err.stderr
(-11, 'helloworld', '', 'Some error text')
>>> print err
Command 'helloworld' returned non-zero exit status -11, 'Some error text'

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def Bio.Application.ApplicationError.__init__ (   self,
  stdout = "",
  stderr = "" 

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00067     def __init__(self, returncode, cmd, stdout="", stderr=""):
00068         self.returncode = returncode
00069         self.cmd = cmd
00070         self.stdout = stdout
00071         self.stderr = stderr

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Member Function Documentation

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00086     def __repr__(self):
00087         return "ApplicationError(%i, %s, %s, %s)" \
00088                % (self.returncode, self.cmd, self.stdout, self.stderr)

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00073     def __str__(self):
00074         #get first line of any stderr message
00075         try:
00076             msg = self.stderr.lstrip().split("\n",1)[0].rstrip()
00077         except:
00078             msg = ""
00079         if msg:
00080             return "Command '%s' returned non-zero exit status %d, %r" \
00081                    % (self.cmd, self.returncode, msg)
00082         else:
00083             return "Command '%s' returned non-zero exit status %d" \
00084                    % (self.cmd, self.returncode)

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