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python-biopython  1.60
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00001 #include "Neighbor.h"
00003 struct KDTree;
00005 struct KDTree* KDTree_init(int dim, int bucket_size);
00006 void KDTree_destroy(struct KDTree* tree);
00007 int KDTree_set_data(struct KDTree* tree, float *coords, long int nr_points);
00008 long int KDTree_get_count(struct KDTree* tree);
00009 long int KDTree_neighbor_get_count(struct KDTree* tree);
00010 int KDTree_search_center_radius(struct KDTree* tree, float *coord, float radius);
00011 void KDTree_copy_indices(struct KDTree* tree, long *indices);
00012 void KDTree_copy_radii(struct KDTree* tree, float *radii);
00013 int KDTree_neighbor_search(struct KDTree* tree, float neighbor_radius, struct Neighbor** neighbors);
00014 int KDTree_neighbor_simple_search(struct KDTree* tree, float radius, struct Neighbor** neighbors);