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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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xwVScrollb.c File Reference
#include <X11/IntrinsicP.h>
#include <X11/StringDefs.h>
#include <./xwVScrollbP.h>

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static void _resolve_inheritance ()
static void _resolve_inheritance (WidgetClass class)


static char defaultTranslations []
XfwfVScrollbarClassRec xfwfVScrollbarClassRec
WidgetClass xfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass = (WidgetClass) &xfwfVScrollbarClassRec

Function Documentation

static void _resolve_inheritance ( ) [static]
static void _resolve_inheritance ( WidgetClass  class) [static]

Definition at line 94 of file xwVScrollb.c.

  XfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass c = (XfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass) class;
  XfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass super;
  static CompositeClassExtensionRec extension_rec = {
    NULL, NULLQUARK, XtCompositeExtensionVersion,
    sizeof(CompositeClassExtensionRec), True};
  CompositeClassExtensionRec *ext;
  ext = (XtPointer)XtMalloc(sizeof(*ext));
  *ext = extension_rec;
  ext->next_extension = c->composite_class.extension;
  c->composite_class.extension = ext;
  if (class == xfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass) return;
  super = (XfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass)class->core_class.superclass;

Variable Documentation

char defaultTranslations[] [static]
Initial value:
Ctrl<Key>Prior: Scroll(top) \n\
Ctrl<Key>Next: Scroll(bottom) \n\
<Key>Up: Scroll(up) \n\
<Key>Down: Scroll(down) \n\
<Key>Prior: Scroll(pageUp) \n\
<Key>Next: Scroll(pageDown) \n\

Definition at line 8 of file xwVScrollb.c.

Definition at line 22 of file xwVScrollb.c.

WidgetClass xfwfVScrollbarWidgetClass = (WidgetClass) &xfwfVScrollbarClassRec

Definition at line 93 of file xwVScrollb.c.