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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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xwScrollWinP.h File Reference
#include <./xwBoardP.h>
#include <./xwScrollWin.h>
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struct  XfwfScrolledWindowClassPart
struct  _XfwfScrolledWindowClassRec
struct  XfwfScrolledWindowPart
struct  _XfwfScrolledWindowRec


#define XtInherit_scroll_response   ((scroll_response_Proc) _XtInherit)


typedef struct
typedef struct


_XFUNCPROTOBEGIN typedef void(* scroll_response_Proc )()

Class Documentation

struct XfwfScrolledWindowClassPart

Definition at line 16 of file xwScrollWinP.h.

Class Members
scroll_response_Proc scroll_response
struct _XfwfScrolledWindowClassRec

Definition at line 22 of file xwScrollWinP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XfwfScrolledWindowClassRec:
Class Members
CompositeClassPart composite_class
CoreClassPart core_class
XfwfBoardClassPart xfwfBoard_class
XfwfCommonClassPart xfwfCommon_class
XfwfFrameClassPart xfwfFrame_class
XfwfScrolledWindowClassPart xfwfScrolledWindow_class
struct XfwfScrolledWindowPart

Definition at line 31 of file xwScrollWinP.h.

Class Members
Boolean autoAdjustScrollbars
Widget board
Widget CW
Boolean doScroll
Boolean drawgrayScrollWin
Boolean edgeBars
Widget frame
Boolean hideHScrollbar
Boolean hideVScrollbar
Widget hscroll
XtCallbackProc hscroll_resp
int hScrollAmount
Boolean initializing
Position initialX
Position initialY
Dimension scrollbarWidth
XtCallbackList scrollCallback
XtCallbackProc scrollResponse
Dimension shadowWidth
Dimension spacing
Boolean traverseToChild
Widget vscroll
XtCallbackProc vscroll_resp
int vScrollAmount
struct _XfwfScrolledWindowRec

Definition at line 60 of file xwScrollWinP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XfwfScrolledWindowRec:
Class Members
CompositePart composite
CorePart core
XfwfBoardPart xfwfBoard
XfwfCommonPart xfwfCommon
XfwfFramePart xfwfFrame
XfwfScrolledWindowPart xfwfScrolledWindow

Define Documentation

#define XtInherit_scroll_response   ((scroll_response_Proc) _XtInherit)

Definition at line 14 of file xwScrollWinP.h.

Typedef Documentation

Variable Documentation

_XFUNCPROTOBEGIN typedef void(* scroll_response_Proc)()

Definition at line 9 of file xwScrollWinP.h.

Definition at line 69 of file xwScrollWinP.h.