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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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xwMenuP.h File Reference
#include <X11/CoreP.h>
#include <xwMenu.h>
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struct  _menu_state
struct  _MenuPart
struct  _MenuRec
struct  MenuClassPart
struct  _MenuClassRec


typedef struct _menu_state menu_state
typedef struct _MenuPart MenuPart
typedef struct _MenuRec MenuRec
typedef struct _MenuClassRec MenuClassRec


MenuClassRec menuClassRec

Class Documentation

struct _menu_state

Definition at line 32 of file xwMenuP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _menu_state:
Class Members
int arrow_start
int can_go_down
int delta
Dimension h
menu_item * menu
struct _menu_state * prev
struct _menu_item * scroll_top
int scrolled
menu_item * selected
long timer
int too_tall
Dimension w
Window win
Dimension wLeft
Dimension wMiddle
Position x
Position y
struct _MenuPart

Definition at line 50 of file xwMenuP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _MenuPart:
Class Members
Boolean be_nice_to_cmap
int bot_shadow_contrast
GC bot_shadow_GC
Pixel bot_shadow_pixel
Pixmap bot_shadow_pxmap
menu_item * contents
Cursor cursor
GC erase_GC
Dimension extra_bottom
Dimension extra_left
Dimension extra_right
Dimension extra_top
XFontStruct * font
Boolean forChoice
Pixel foreground
Boolean forPopup
Boolean grabbed
GC highlight_GC
Pixel highlight_pixel
GC highlight_top_GC
Pixel highlight_top_pixel
Dimension hmargin
Boolean horizontal
GC inactive_GC
int indicator_contrast
GC indicator_GC
Pixel indicator_pixel
Pixmap indicator_pxmap
Dimension indicator_size
Boolean moused_out
GC normal_GC
XtCallbackList on_destroy
XtCallbackList on_new_item
XtCallbackList on_no_select
XtCallbackList on_select
Boolean popped_up
Boolean refresh
Dimension requested_width
Dimension shadow_width
menu_state * state
Pixmap stipple_pxmap
int top_shadow_contrast
GC top_shadow_GC
Pixel top_shadow_pixel
Pixmap top_shadow_pxmap
struct _MenuRec

Definition at line 102 of file xwMenuP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _MenuRec:
Class Members
CorePart core
MenuPart menu
struct MenuClassPart

Definition at line 108 of file xwMenuP.h.

Class Members
int dummy
struct _MenuClassRec

Definition at line 111 of file xwMenuP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _MenuClassRec:
Class Members
CoreClassPart core_class
MenuClassPart menu_class

Typedef Documentation

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 193 of file xwMenu.c.