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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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xwFrameP.h File Reference
#include <./xwCommonP.h>
#include <./xwFrame.h>
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struct  XfwfFrameClassPart
struct  _XfwfFrameClassRec
struct  XfwfFramePart
struct  _XfwfFrameRec


typedef struct _XfwfFrameClassRec XfwfFrameClassRec
typedef struct _XfwfFrameRec XfwfFrameRec


externalref XfwfFrameClassRec xfwfFrameClassRec

Class Documentation

struct XfwfFrameClassPart

Definition at line 10 of file xwFrameP.h.

Class Members
int dummy
struct _XfwfFrameClassRec

Definition at line 16 of file xwFrameP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XfwfFrameClassRec:
Class Members
CompositeClassPart composite_class
CoreClassPart core_class
XfwfCommonClassPart xfwfCommon_class
XfwfFrameClassPart xfwfFrame_class
struct XfwfFramePart

Definition at line 23 of file xwFrameP.h.

Class Members
Pixel bottomShadowColor
Bitmap bottomShadowStipple
Cursor cursor
GC darkgc
Pixmap darkGray
GC fggc
FrameType frameType
Dimension frameWidth
Pixmap gray
Dimension innerOffset
GC lightgc
Pixmap lightGray
FrameType old_frame_type
Dimension outerOffset
ShadowScheme shadowScheme
Pixel topShadowColor
Bitmap topShadowStipple
struct _XfwfFrameRec

Definition at line 45 of file xwFrameP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XfwfFrameRec:
Class Members
CompositePart composite
CorePart core
XfwfCommonPart xfwfCommon
XfwfFramePart xfwfFrame

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Variable Documentation

Definition at line 52 of file xwFrameP.h.