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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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xwButtonP.h File Reference
#include <./xwLabelP.h>
#include <./xwButton.h>
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struct  XfwfButtonClassPart
struct  _XfwfButtonClassRec
struct  XfwfButtonPart
struct  _XfwfButtonRec


typedef struct _XfwfButtonClassRec XfwfButtonClassRec
typedef struct _XfwfButtonRec XfwfButtonRec


externalref XfwfButtonClassRec xfwfButtonClassRec

Class Documentation

struct XfwfButtonClassPart

Definition at line 10 of file xwButtonP.h.

Class Members
int dummy
struct _XfwfButtonClassRec

Definition at line 16 of file xwButtonP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XfwfButtonClassRec:
Class Members
CompositeClassPart composite_class
CoreClassPart core_class
XfwfBoardClassPart xfwfBoard_class
XfwfButtonClassPart xfwfButton_class
XfwfCommonClassPart xfwfCommon_class
XfwfFrameClassPart xfwfFrame_class
XfwfLabelClassPart xfwfLabel_class
struct XfwfButtonPart

Definition at line 26 of file xwButtonP.h.

Class Members
XtCallbackList activate
XtCallbackList enter
XtCallbackList leave
struct _XfwfButtonRec

Definition at line 34 of file xwButtonP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XfwfButtonRec:
Class Members
CompositePart composite
CorePart core
XfwfBoardPart xfwfBoard
XfwfButtonPart xfwfButton
XfwfCommonPart xfwfCommon
XfwfFramePart xfwfFrame
XfwfLabelPart xfwfLabel

Typedef Documentation

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 44 of file xwButtonP.h.