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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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schpriv.h File Reference
#include "scheme.h"

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struct  Scheme_Thread_Set
struct  Scheme_Custodian
struct  Scheme_Custodian_Box
struct  Scheme_Security_Guard
struct  Scheme_Schedule_Info
struct  Scheme_Parameterization
struct  Scheme_Config
struct  Scheme_Bucket_With_Flags
struct  Scheme_Bucket_With_Home
struct  Scheme_Hash_Tree
struct  Scheme_Inspector
struct  Scheme_Struct_Property
struct  Scheme_Struct_Type
struct  Scheme_Structure
struct  Struct_Proc_Info
struct  Scheme_Stx_Srcloc
struct  Scheme_Stx
struct  Scheme_Stx_Offset
struct  Scheme_App_Rec
struct  Scheme_App2_Rec
struct  Scheme_App3_Rec
struct  Scheme_Branch_Rec
struct  Scheme_Compilation_Top
struct  Scheme_Compiled_Let_Value
struct  Scheme_Let_Header
struct  Scheme_With_Continuation_Mark
struct  Scheme_Local
struct  Scheme_Toplevel
struct  Scheme_Quote_Syntax
struct  Scheme_Let_Value
struct  Scheme_Let_One
struct  Scheme_Let_Void
struct  Scheme_Letrec
struct  Scheme_Sequence
struct  Scheme_Case_Lambda
struct  Scheme_Dynamic_State
struct  Scheme_Saved_Stack
struct  Scheme_Cont_Mark
struct  Scheme_Cont_Mark_Chain
struct  Scheme_Cont_Mark_Set
struct  Scheme_Stack_State
struct  Scheme_Dynamic_Wind
struct  Scheme_Cont
struct  Scheme_Escaping_Cont
struct  Scheme_Overflow_Jmp
struct  Scheme_Overflow
struct  Scheme_Meta_Continuation
struct  Scheme_Prompt
struct  Scheme_Channel_Syncer
struct  Scheme_Sema
struct  Scheme_Channel
struct  Scheme_Channel_Put
struct  Evt_Set
struct  Syncing
struct  Scheme_Bignum
struct  Small_Bignum
struct  Scheme_Rational
struct  Scheme_Complex
struct  Scheme_Random_State
struct  Comp_Prefix
struct  Scheme_Comp_Env
struct  Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info
struct  Resolve_Prefix
struct  Resolve_Info
struct  Optimize_Info
struct  Scheme_Closure_Data
struct  Scheme_Closure
struct  Scheme_Native_Closure_Data
struct  Scheme_Native_Closure
struct  SFS_Info
struct  Scheme_Marshal_Tables
struct  Scheme_Unmarshal_Tables
struct  Scheme_Env
struct  Scheme_Module
struct  Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports
struct  Scheme_Module_Exports
struct  Scheme_Modidx
struct  Module_Variable
struct  DupCheckRecord
struct  Scheme_Logger
struct  Scheme_Log_Reader
struct  Scheme_Indexed_String
struct  Scheme_Pipe
struct  Scheme_Place
struct  Scheme_Engine
union  Scheme_Stx.u
union  Scheme_Native_Closure_Data.u
union  Scheme_Native_Closure_Data.u2
union  Scheme_Indexed_String.u


#define MAKE_CLOSED_PRIM(f, v, n, mi, ma)   scheme_make_closed_prim_w_arity((Scheme_Closed_Prim *)f, (void *)v, n, mi, ma)
#define _MALLOC_N(x, n, malloc)   ((x*)malloc(sizeof(x)*(n)))
#define MALLOC_ONE(x)   _MALLOC_N(x, 1, scheme_malloc)
#define MALLOC_ONE_TAGGED(x)   _MALLOC_N(x, 1, scheme_malloc_small_tagged)
#define MALLOC_N_TAGGED(x, n)   _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc_array_tagged)
#define scheme_malloc_rt(x)   scheme_malloc(x)
#define MALLOC_ONE_RT(x)   MALLOC_ONE(x)
#define MALLOC_N_RT(x, c)   MALLOC_N(x,c)
#define MALLOC_N_WEAK(x, c)   MALLOC_N_ATOMIC(x,c)
#define MALLOC_N(x, n)   _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc)
#define MALLOC_ONE_ATOMIC(x)   _MALLOC_N(x, 1, scheme_malloc_atomic)
#define MALLOC_N_ATOMIC(x, n)   _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc_atomic)
#define MALLOC_SO_BOX()   _MALLOC_ONE(Scheme_Object*, scheme_malloc)
#define MALLOC_N_STUBBORN(x, n)   _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc_stubborn)
#define WEAKIFY(x)   x
#define WEAKIFIED(x)   x
#define HT_EXTRACT_WEAK(x)   (*(char **)(x))
#define XFORM_OK_PLUS   +
#define XFORM_OK_MINUS   -
#define scheme_hash_key(o)   ((long)(o))
#define MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED   /* empty */
#define SET_REQUIRED_TAG(e)   /* empty */
#define MZ_DO_NOT_INLINE(decl)
#define HIDE_FROM_XFORM(x)   x
#define mzALIAS   (void *)
#define BITS_PER_MZSHORT   (8 * sizeof(mzshort))
#define MZ_INLINE   MSC_IZE(inline)
#define MZ_NO_INLINE   /* empty */
#define CLEAR_KEY_FIELD(o)   /* empty */
#define SCHEME_PAIR_FLAGS(pr)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Simple_Object *)pr)->iso)
#define PAIR_IS_LIST   0x1
#define PAIR_IS_NON_LIST   0x2
#define PAIR_FLAG_MASK   0x3
#define MZ_RUNSTACK   scheme_current_runstack
#define MZ_RUNSTACK_START   scheme_current_runstack_start
#define MZ_CONT_MARK_STACK   scheme_current_cont_mark_stack
#define MZ_CONT_MARK_POS   scheme_current_cont_mark_pos
#define MZTHREAD_RUNNING   0x1
#define MZTHREAD_KILLED   0x4
#define MZTHREAD_STILL_RUNNING(running)   ((running) && !((running) & MZTHREAD_KILLED))
#define MZTHREADELEM(p, x)   scheme_ ## x
#define GLOB_IS_CONST   1
#define GLOB_HAS_REF_ID   16
#define GLOB_HAS_HOME_PTR   32
#define GLOB_IS_IMMUTATED   64
#define SCHEME_HASHTR_FLAGS(tr)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&(tr)->iso)
#define SCHEME_STRUCT_TYPE(o)   (((Scheme_Structure *)o)->stype)
#define SCHEME_STRUCT_INSPECTOR(obj)   (((Scheme_Structure *)obj)->stype->inspector)
#define MZ_LABEL_PHASE   30000
#define STX_GRAPH_FLAG   0x1
#define STX_SUBSTX_FLAG   0x2
#define SCHEME_RIBP(v)   SAME_TYPE(scheme_lexical_rib_type, SCHEME_TYPE(v))
#define mzMOD_RENAME_NORMAL   1
#define mzMOD_RENAME_MARKED   2
#define STX_SEAL_BOUND   1
#define STX_SEAL_ALL   2
#define SCHEME_STX_VAL(s)   ((Scheme_Stx *)s)->val
#define SCHEME_STX_CAR(o)   (SCHEME_PAIRP(o) ? SCHEME_CAR(o) : SCHEME_CAR(scheme_stx_content(o)))
#define SCHEME_STX_CDR(o)   (SCHEME_PAIRP(o) ? SCHEME_CDR(o) : SCHEME_CDR(scheme_stx_content(o)))
#define SCHEME_STX_SYM(o)   (SCHEME_STXP(o) ? SCHEME_STX_VAL(o) : o)
#define STX_SRCTAG   scheme_false
#define SCHEME_APPN_FLAGS(app)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&app->iso)
#define SCHEME_LET_FLAGS(lh)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&lh->iso)
#define SCHEME_LET_STAR   0x2
#define SCHEME_LOCAL_POS(obj)   (((Scheme_Local *)(obj))->position)
#define SCHEME_LOCAL_FLAGS(obj)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Local *)(obj))->iso)
#define SCHEME_TOPLEVEL_DEPTH(obj)   (((Scheme_Toplevel *)(obj))->depth)
#define SCHEME_TOPLEVEL_POS(obj)   (((Scheme_Toplevel *)(obj))->position)
#define SCHEME_TOPLEVEL_FLAGS(obj)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Toplevel *)(obj))->iso)
#define SCHEME_LET_AUTOBOX(lh)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&lh->iso)
#define SCHEME_LET_EVAL_TYPE(lh)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&lh->iso)
#define scheme_make_prim_w_arity2(f, n, mina, maxa, minr, maxr)   scheme_make_prim_w_everything(f, 1, n, mina, maxa, 0, minr, maxr)
#define PROMPT_STACK(id)   ((void *)(&id))
#define SCHEME_CONT_F(obj)   (((Scheme_Escaping_Cont *)(obj))->f)
#define scheme_save_env_stack_w_thread(ss, p)
#define scheme_restore_env_stack_w_thread(ss, p)
#define scheme_save_env_stack(ss)   scheme_save_env_stack_w_thread(ss, scheme_current_thread)
#define scheme_restore_env_stack(ss)   scheme_restore_env_stack_w_thread(ss, scheme_current_thread)
#define GENERIC_BLOCKED   -1
#define NOT_BLOCKED   0
#define SLEEP_BLOCKED   1
#define SCHEME_EVTSETP(o)   SAME_TYPE(SCHEME_TYPE(o), scheme_evt_set_type)
#define scheme_exact_zero   scheme_make_integer(0)
#define scheme_exact_one   scheme_make_integer(1)
#define SCHEME_BIGPOS(b)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Bignum *)b)->iso)
#define SCHEME_SET_BIGPOS(b, v)   SCHEME_BIGPOS(b) = v
#define SCHEME_BIGLEN(b)   (((Scheme_Bignum *)b)->len)
#define SCHEME_BIGDIG(b)   (((Scheme_Bignum *)b)->digits)
#define scheme_bignum_to_float_inf_info   scheme_bignum_to_double_inf_info
#define _scheme_complex_real_part(n)   (((Scheme_Complex *)(n))->r)
#define _scheme_complex_imaginary_part(n)   (((Scheme_Complex *)(n))->i)
#define REAL_NUMBER_STR   "real number"
#define scheme_check_float   scheme_check_double
#define MZ_IS_POS_INFINITY(d)   ((d) == scheme_infinity_val)
#define MZ_IS_NEG_INFINITY(d)   ((d) == scheme_minus_infinity_val)
#define MZ_IS_NAN(d)   (!((d) == (d)))
#define IZI_REAL_PART(n)   (((Scheme_Complex *)(n))->r)
#define scheme_make_integer_value_from_time(t)   scheme_make_integer_value((long)t)
#define scheme_get_time_val(o, v)   scheme_get_int_val(o, v)
#define UNBUNDLE_TIME_TYPE   long
#define _scheme_do_eval(obj, env, v)
#define q_scheme_eval_linked(obj)   _scheme_do_eval(obj, 1)
#define q_scheme_tail_eval(obj)   scheme_tail_eval(obj)
#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr(obj)   scheme_do_eval(obj,-1,NULL,1)
#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr_multi(obj)   scheme_do_eval(obj,-1,NULL,-1)
#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr_wp(obj, p)   scheme_do_eval_w_thread(obj,-1,NULL,1,p)
#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr_multi_wp(obj, p)   scheme_do_eval_w_thread(obj,-1,NULL,-1,p)
#define _scheme_make_char(ch)   scheme_make_character(ch)
#define CLOS_HAS_REST   1
#define CLOS_HAS_REF_ARGS   2
#define CLOS_SFS   8
#define CLOS_IS_METHOD   16
#define CLOS_VALIDATED   128
#define COMP_CAN_INLINE   0x2
#define SCHEME_CLOSURE_DATA_FLAGS(obj)   MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&(obj)->iso)
#define SCHEME_COMPILED_CLOS_CODE(c)   ((Scheme_Closure *)c)->code
#define SCHEME_COMPILED_CLOS_ENV(c)   ((Scheme_Closure *)c)->vals
#define ZERO_SIZED_CLOSUREP(closure)   !(closure->code->closure_size)
#define scheme_new_frame(n)   scheme_new_special_frame(n, 0)
#define scheme_extend_env(f, e)   (f-> = e, f)
#define scheme_next_frame(e)   ((e)->
#define scheme_settable_frame(f, s)   ((f)->basic.has_set_bang = (s))
#define scheme_get_frame_settable(f)   ((f)->basic.has_set_bang)
#define scheme_get_binding(f, n)   ((f)->values[n])
#define scheme_add_good_binding(i, v, f)   (f->values[i] = v)
#define SET_EXPD   2
#define CASE_LAMBDA_EXPD   3
#define BEGIN0_EXPD   4
#define BOXENV_EXPD   5
#define MODULE_EXPD   6
#define REQUIRE_EXPD   7
#define REF_EXPD   9
#define APPVALS_EXPD   10
#define SPLICE_EXPD   11
#define _COUNT_EXPD_   12
#define scheme_register_syntax(i, fo, fr, fs, fv, fe, fj, cl, sh, pa)
#define SCHEME_SYNTAX(obj)   SCHEME_PTR1_VAL(obj)
#define SCHEME_WAS_USED   0x1
#define SCHEME_USE_COUNT_MASK   0x70
#define SCHEME_NO_RENAME   32
#define SCHEME_FOR_STOPS   128
#define SCHEME_FOR_INTDEF   256
#define SCHEME_APP_POS   2
#define SCHEME_SETTING   4
#define SCHEME_DONT_MARK_USE   128
#define SCHEME_NO_CERT_CHECKS   2048
#define SCHEME_SVEC_LEN(obj)   (((Scheme_Simple_Object *)(obj))->u.svector_val.len)
#define SCHEME_SVEC_VEC(obj)   (((Scheme_Simple_Object *)(obj))->u.svector_val.vec)
#define scheme_ill_formed_code(port)   scheme_ill_formed(port, __FILE__, __LINE__)
#define GLOBAL_FOLDING_PRIM(name, func, a1, a2, a3, env)   scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_folding_prim(func, name, a1, a2, a3), env)
#define GLOBAL_IMMED_PRIM(name, func, a1, a2, env)   scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_immed_prim(func, name, a1, a2), env)
#define GLOBAL_PARAMETER(name, func, constant, env)   scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_register_parameter(func, name, constant), env)
#define GLOBAL_PRIM_W_ARITY(name, func, a1, a2, env)   scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_prim_w_arity(func, name, a1, a2), env)
#define GLOBAL_PRIM_W_ARITY2(name, func, a1, a2, a3, a4, env)   scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_prim_w_arity2(func, name, a1, a2, a3, a4), env)
#define GLOBAL_NONCM_PRIM(name, func, a1, a2, env)   scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_noncm_prim(func, name, a1, a2), env)
#define IMPROPER_LIST_FORM   "illegal use of `.'"
#define CHAR_STRING_W_NO_NULLS   "string (with no nul characters)"
#define STRING_OR_BYTE_STRING_W_NO_NULLS   "string or byte string (with no nul characters)"
#define BIG_OFF_T_IZE(n)   n
#define mz_off_t   off_t
#define WIDE_PATH(s)   s
#define WIDE_PATH_COPY(s)   s
#define NARROW_PATH(s)   s
#define MSC_W_IZE(n)   MSC_IZE(n)
#define MSC_WIDE_PATH(s)   s
#define MSC_WIDE_PATH_COPY(s)   s
#define CURRENT_INPUT_PORT(config)   scheme_get_param(config, MZCONFIG_INPUT_PORT)
#define CURRENT_OUTPUT_PORT(config)   scheme_get_param(config, MZCONFIG_OUTPUT_PORT)
#define CHECK_PORT_CLOSED(who, kind, port, closed)   if (closed) scheme_raise_exn(MZEXN_FAIL, "%s: " kind " port is closed", who);
#define MAX_UTF8_CHAR_BYTES   6
#define MZ_UCS4_NAME   "UCS-4LE"
#define SCHEME_SYM_UNINTERNEDP(o)   (MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Symbol *)(o))->iso) & 0x1)
#define SCHEME_SYM_PARALLELP(o)   (MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Symbol *)(o))->iso) & 0x2)
#define SCHEME_SYM_WEIRDP(o)   (MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Symbol *)(o))->iso) & 0x3)


typedef int(* Compare_Proc )(void *v1, void *v2)
typedef Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Type_Reader )(Scheme_Object *list)
typedef Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Type_Writer )(Scheme_Object *obj)
typedef struct Scheme_Thread_Set Scheme_Thread_Set
typedef struct Scheme_Custodian_Box Scheme_Custodian_Box
typedef struct
typedef Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Accept_Sync )(Scheme_Object *wrap)
typedef int(* Scheme_Ready_Fun_FPC )(Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Schedule_Info *sinfo)
typedef Scheme_Bucket_With_Flags Scheme_Bucket_With_Ref_Id
typedef struct Scheme_Inspector Scheme_Inspector
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Struct_Type Scheme_Struct_Type
typedef struct Scheme_Structure Scheme_Structure
typedef struct Struct_Proc_Info Struct_Proc_Info
typedef struct Scheme_Stx_Srcloc Scheme_Stx_Srcloc
typedef struct Scheme_Stx Scheme_Stx
typedef struct Scheme_Stx_Offset Scheme_Stx_Offset
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Let_Header Scheme_Let_Header
typedef struct Scheme_Local Scheme_Local
typedef struct Scheme_Toplevel Scheme_Toplevel
typedef struct Scheme_Quote_Syntax Scheme_Quote_Syntax
typedef struct Scheme_Let_Value Scheme_Let_Value
typedef struct Scheme_Let_One Scheme_Let_One
typedef struct Scheme_Let_Void Scheme_Let_Void
typedef struct Scheme_Letrec Scheme_Letrec
typedef struct Scheme_Dynamic_State Scheme_Dynamic_State
typedef struct Scheme_Saved_Stack Scheme_Saved_Stack
typedef struct Scheme_Cont_Mark Scheme_Cont_Mark
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Cont_Mark_Set Scheme_Cont_Mark_Set
typedef struct Scheme_Stack_State Scheme_Stack_State
typedef struct Scheme_Dynamic_Wind Scheme_Dynamic_Wind
typedef struct Scheme_Cont Scheme_Cont
typedef struct Scheme_Escaping_Cont Scheme_Escaping_Cont
typedef struct Scheme_Overflow_Jmp Scheme_Overflow_Jmp
typedef struct Scheme_Overflow Scheme_Overflow
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Prompt Scheme_Prompt
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Sema Scheme_Sema
typedef struct Scheme_Channel Scheme_Channel
typedef struct Scheme_Channel_Put Scheme_Channel_Put
typedef struct Evt_Set Evt_Set
typedef struct Syncing Syncing
typedef unsigned long bigdig
typedef Scheme_Rational Small_Rational
typedef Scheme_Complex Small_Complex
typedef struct Comp_Prefix Comp_Prefix
typedef struct Scheme_Comp_Env Scheme_Comp_Env
typedef struct
typedef Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info Scheme_Compile_Info
typedef Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info Scheme_Expand_Info
typedef struct Resolve_Prefix Resolve_Prefix
typedef struct Resolve_Info Resolve_Info
typedef struct Scheme_Object *( Scheme_Syntax )(struct Scheme_Object *form, struct Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
typedef struct Scheme_Object *( Scheme_Syntax_Expander )(struct Scheme_Object *form, struct Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Expand_Info *rec, int drec)
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_Resolver )(Scheme_Object *data, Resolve_Info *info)
typedef struct Optimize_Info Optimize_Info
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_Optimizer )(Scheme_Object *data, Optimize_Info *info)
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_Cloner )(int dup_ok, Scheme_Object *data, Optimize_Info *info, int delta, int closure_depth)
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_Shifter )(Scheme_Object *data, int delta, int after_depth)
typedef struct CPort
typedef mzshort ** Validate_TLS
typedef void(* Scheme_Syntax_Validater )(Scheme_Object *data, Mz_CPort *port, char *stack, Validate_TLS tls, int depth, int letlimit, int delta, int num_toplevels, int num_stxes, int num_lifts, struct Validate_Clearing *vc, int tailpos)
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_Executer )(struct Scheme_Object *data)
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_Jitter )(struct Scheme_Object *data)
typedef struct Scheme_Closure_Data Scheme_Closure_Data
typedef struct
typedef Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Lift_Capture_Proc )(Scheme_Object *, Scheme_Object **, Scheme_Object *, Scheme_Comp_Env *)
typedef struct SFS_Info SFS_Info
typedef struct Scheme_Object *(* Scheme_Syntax_SFSer )(Scheme_Object *data, SFS_Info *info)
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Module Scheme_Module
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Modidx Scheme_Modidx
typedef struct Module_Variable Module_Variable
typedef struct Scheme_Log_Reader Scheme_Log_Reader
typedef struct
typedef struct Scheme_Pipe Scheme_Pipe
typedef struct Scheme_Place Scheme_Place
typedef struct Scheme_Engine Scheme_Engine


Scheme_Objectscheme_dump_gc_stats (int c, Scheme_Object *p[])
int scheme_num_types (void)
void scheme_reset_finalizations (void)
unsigned long scheme_get_current_os_thread_stack_base (void)
void scheme_set_current_os_thread_stack_base (void *base)
int scheme_propagate_ephemeron_marks (void)
void scheme_clear_ephemerons (void)
void scheme_init_portable_case (void)
void scheme_init_stack_check (void)
void scheme_init_overflow (void)
Scheme_Threadscheme_make_thread (void *)
void scheme_init_true_false (void)
void scheme_init_symbol_table (void)
void scheme_init_symbol_type (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_type ()
void scheme_init_list (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_stx (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_module (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_module_path_table (void)
void scheme_init_port (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_port_fun (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_network (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_file (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_proc (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_vector (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_string (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_number (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_numarith (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_numcomp (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_numstr (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_eval (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_promise (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_struct (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_reduced_proc_struct (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_fun (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_symbol (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_char (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_bool (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_syntax (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_error (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_exn (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_debug (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_thread (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_read (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_print (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_sema (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_dynamic_extension (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_regexp_initialize (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_memtrace (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_parameterization_readonly_globals ()
void scheme_init_parameterization (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_getenv (void)
void scheme_init_foreign_globals ()
void scheme_init_foreign (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_place (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_init_print_buffers_places (void)
void scheme_init_eval_places (void)
void scheme_init_port_places (void)
void scheme_init_regexp_places (void)
void scheme_init_stx_places (void)
void scheme_free_dynamic_extensions (void)
void scheme_init_port_config (void)
void scheme_init_port_fun_config (void)
Scheme_Configscheme_init_error_escape_proc (Scheme_Config *c)
void scheme_init_error_config (void)
void scheme_init_exn_config (void)
void scheme_init_module_resolver (void)
void scheme_finish_kernel (Scheme_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_initial_inspectors (void)
Scheme_Object ** scheme_make_builtin_references_table (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_local (Scheme_Type type, int pos, int flags)
void scheme_add_embedded_builtins (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_do_add_global_symbol (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *sym, Scheme_Object *obj, int constant, int primitive)
Scheme_Object ** scheme_alloc_runstack (long len)
void scheme_set_runstack_limits (Scheme_Object **rs, long len, long start, long end)
void scheme_alloc_list_stack (Scheme_Thread *p)
void scheme_clean_list_stack (Scheme_Thread *p)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_thread_dead (Scheme_Thread *p)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_thread_suspend (Scheme_Thread *p)
void scheme_zero_unneeded_rands (Scheme_Thread *p)
int scheme_can_break (Scheme_Thread *p)
Scheme_Threadscheme_do_close_managed (Scheme_Custodian *m, Scheme_Exit_Closer_Func f)
void scheme_set_sync_target (Scheme_Schedule_Info *sinfo, Scheme_Object *target, Scheme_Object *wrap, Scheme_Object *nack, int repost, int retry, Scheme_Accept_Sync accept)
void scheme_accept_sync (struct Syncing *syncing, int i)
void scheme_check_break_now (void)
void scheme_flatten_config (Scheme_Config *c)
Scheme_Objectscheme_apply_thread_thunk (Scheme_Object *rator)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_primitive_global (Scheme_Object *var, Scheme_Env *env, int bucket_ok, int can_opt, int signal)
void scheme_add_bucket_to_table (Scheme_Bucket_Table *table, Scheme_Bucket *b)
Scheme_Bucketscheme_bucket_or_null_from_table (Scheme_Bucket_Table *table, const char *key, int add)
int scheme_inspector_sees_part (Scheme_Object *s, Scheme_Object *insp, int pos)
Scheme_Object ** scheme_make_struct_names_from_array (const char *base, int fcount, const char **field_names, int flags, int *count_out)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_struct_type_from_string (const char *base, Scheme_Object *parent, int num_fields, Scheme_Object *props, Scheme_Object *guard, int immutable)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_proc_struct_type (Scheme_Object *base, Scheme_Object *parent, Scheme_Object *inspector, int num_fields, int num_uninit, Scheme_Object *uninit_val, Scheme_Object *proc_attr, Scheme_Object *guard)
Scheme_Objectscheme_struct_to_vector (Scheme_Object *_s, Scheme_Object *unknown_val, Scheme_Object *insp)
Scheme_Objectscheme_extract_struct_procedure (Scheme_Object *obj, int num_rands, Scheme_Object **rands, int *is_method)
Scheme_Objectscheme_proc_struct_name_source (Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_is_writable_struct (Scheme_Object *s)
Scheme_Struct_Typescheme_lookup_prefab_type (Scheme_Object *key, int field_count)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_prefab_struct_instance (Scheme_Struct_Type *stype, Scheme_Object *vec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_clone_prefab_struct_instance (Scheme_Structure *s)
Scheme_Objectscheme_extract_checked_procedure (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_stx (Scheme_Object *val, Scheme_Stx_Srcloc *srcloc, Scheme_Object *props)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_stx_w_offset (Scheme_Object *val, long line, long col, long pos, long span, Scheme_Object *src, Scheme_Object *props)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_renamed_stx (Scheme_Object *sym, Scheme_Object *rn)
Scheme_Objectscheme_new_stx_simplify_cache (void)
void scheme_simplify_stx (Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Object *simplify_cache)
Scheme_Objectscheme_datum_to_syntax (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *stx_src, Scheme_Object *stx_wraps, int cangraph, int copyprops)
Scheme_Objectscheme_syntax_to_datum (Scheme_Object *stx, int with_marks, struct Scheme_Marshal_Tables *mt)
Scheme_Objectscheme_unmarshal_datum_to_syntax (Scheme_Object *o, struct Scheme_Unmarshal_Tables *ut, int can_graph)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_track (Scheme_Object *naya, Scheme_Object *old, Scheme_Object *origin)
int scheme_stx_has_empty_wraps (Scheme_Object *)
Scheme_Objectscheme_new_mark (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_add_remove_mark (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *m)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_rename (Scheme_Object *newname, int c)
void scheme_set_rename (Scheme_Object *rnm, int pos, Scheme_Object *oldname)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_rename_rib (void)
void scheme_add_rib_rename (Scheme_Object *ro, Scheme_Object *rename)
void scheme_drop_first_rib_rename (Scheme_Object *ro)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_id_remove_rib (Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Object *ro)
void scheme_stx_seal_rib (Scheme_Object *rib)
intscheme_stx_get_rib_sealed (Scheme_Object *rib)
Scheme_Objectscheme_add_rename (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *rename)
Scheme_Objectscheme_add_rename_rib (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *rib)
Scheme_Objectscheme_add_rib_delimiter (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *ribs)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_remove_extra_marks (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *relative_to, Scheme_Object *uid)
Scheme_Objectscheme_syntax_make_transfer_intro (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
void scheme_install_free_id_rename (Scheme_Object *id, Scheme_Object *orig_id, Scheme_Object *rename_rib, Scheme_Object *phase)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_module_rename_set (int kind, Scheme_Object *share_marked_names)
void scheme_add_module_rename_to_set (Scheme_Object *set, Scheme_Object *rn)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_module_rename_from_set (Scheme_Object *set, Scheme_Object *phase, int create)
Scheme_Hash_Tablescheme_get_module_rename_marked_names (Scheme_Object *set, Scheme_Object *phase, int create)
void scheme_append_rename_set_to_env (Scheme_Object *rns, Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_seal_module_rename (Scheme_Object *rn, int level)
void scheme_seal_module_rename_set (Scheme_Object *rns, int level)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_module_rename (Scheme_Object *phase, int kind, Scheme_Hash_Table *mns)
Scheme_Objectscheme_extend_module_rename (Scheme_Object *rn, Scheme_Object *modname, Scheme_Object *locname, Scheme_Object *exname, Scheme_Object *nominal_src, Scheme_Object *nominal_ex, int mod_phase, Scheme_Object *src_phase_index, Scheme_Object *nom_export_phase, Scheme_Object *insp, int mode)
void scheme_extend_module_rename_with_shared (Scheme_Object *rn, Scheme_Object *modidx, struct Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports *pt, Scheme_Object *unmarshal_phase_index, Scheme_Object *src_phase_index, Scheme_Object *marks, int save_unmarshal)
void scheme_save_module_rename_unmarshal (Scheme_Object *rn, Scheme_Object *info)
void scheme_do_module_rename_unmarshal (Scheme_Object *rn, Scheme_Object *info, Scheme_Object *modidx_shift_from, Scheme_Object *modidx_shift_to, Scheme_Hash_Table *export_registry)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_kernel_modidx (void)
void scheme_remove_module_rename (Scheme_Object *mrn, Scheme_Object *localname)
void scheme_append_module_rename (Scheme_Object *src, Scheme_Object *dest, int with_unmarshal)
void scheme_list_module_rename (Scheme_Object *src, Scheme_Hash_Table *ht)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rename_to_stx (Scheme_Object *rn)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_to_rename (Scheme_Object *stx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_shift_rename (Scheme_Object *mrn, Scheme_Object *old_midx, Scheme_Object *new_midx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_shift_rename_set (Scheme_Object *mrns, Scheme_Object *old_midx, Scheme_Object *new_midx)
Scheme_Hash_Tablescheme_module_rename_marked_names (Scheme_Object *rn)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_content (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_flatten_syntax_list (Scheme_Object *lst, int *islist)
int scheme_stx_module_eq (Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *b, long phase)
int scheme_stx_module_eq2 (Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *b, Scheme_Object *phase, Scheme_Object *asym)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_get_module_eq_sym (Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *phase)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_module_name (Scheme_Hash_Table *recur, Scheme_Object **name, Scheme_Object *phase, Scheme_Object **nominal_modidx, Scheme_Object **nominal_name, Scheme_Object **mod_phase, Scheme_Object **src_phase_index, Scheme_Object **nominal_src_phase, Scheme_Object **lex_env, int *_sealed, Scheme_Object **rename_insp)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_moduleless_env (Scheme_Object *a)
int scheme_stx_parallel_is_used (Scheme_Object *sym, Scheme_Object *stx)
int scheme_stx_ribs_matter (Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *skip_ribs)
int scheme_stx_bound_eq (Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *b, Scheme_Object *phase)
int scheme_stx_env_bound_eq (Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *b, Scheme_Object *uid, Scheme_Object *phase)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_source_module (Scheme_Object *stx, int resolve)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_property (Scheme_Object *_stx, Scheme_Object *key, Scheme_Object *val)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_phase_shift (Scheme_Object *stx, long shift, Scheme_Object *old_midx, Scheme_Object *new_midx, Scheme_Hash_Table *export_registry)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_phase_shift_as_rename (long shift, Scheme_Object *old_midx, Scheme_Object *new_midx, Scheme_Hash_Table *export_registry)
int scheme_stx_list_length (Scheme_Object *list)
int scheme_stx_proper_list_length (Scheme_Object *list)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_extract_marks (Scheme_Object *stx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_placeholders (Scheme_Object *obj)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_strip_module_context (Scheme_Object *stx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_source_to_name (Scheme_Object *code)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_cert (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *mark, Scheme_Env *menv, Scheme_Object *plus_stx, Scheme_Object *mkey, int active)
int scheme_stx_certified (Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Object *extra_certs, Scheme_Object *modidx, Scheme_Object *home_insp)
int scheme_module_protected_wrt (Scheme_Object *home_insp, Scheme_Object *insp)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_activate_certs (Scheme_Object *stx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_extract_certs (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *base_certs)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_add_inactive_certs (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *certs)
Scheme_Objectscheme_stx_propagate_inactive_certs (Scheme_Object *o, Scheme_Object *orig)
int scheme_stx_has_more_certs (Scheme_Object *id, Scheme_Object *certs, Scheme_Object *than_id, Scheme_Object *than_certs)
Scheme_Objectscheme_delayed_rename (Scheme_Object **o, long i)
void scheme_load_delayed_syntax (struct Resolve_Prefix *rp, long i)
XFORM_NONGCING Scheme_Objectscheme_phase_index_symbol (int src_phase_index)
Scheme_Objectscheme_explode_syntax (Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Hash_Table *ht)
Scheme_Objectscheme_unclose_case_lambda (Scheme_Object *expr, int jit)
Scheme_Objectscheme_native_stack_trace (void)
void scheme_clean_native_symtab (void)
void scheme_clean_cust_box_list (void)
void scheme_notify_code_gc (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_handle_stack_overflow (Scheme_Object *(*k)(void))
struct Scheme_Overflow_Jmpscheme_prune_jmpup (struct Scheme_Overflow_Jmp *jmp, void *stack_boundary)
void scheme_jmpup_free (Scheme_Jumpup_Buf *)
voidscheme_enlarge_runstack (long size, void *(*k)())
int scheme_check_runstack (long size)
void scheme_init_setjumpup (void)
void scheme_init_ephemerons (void)
void scheme_set_dynamic_state (Scheme_Dynamic_State *state, struct Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Object *mark, Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Object *certs, Scheme_Env *menv, Scheme_Object *modidx)
voidscheme_top_level_do (void *(*k)(void), int eb)
voidscheme_top_level_do_worker (void *(*k)(void), int eb, int newthread, Scheme_Dynamic_State *dyn_state)
Scheme_Objectscheme_call_ec (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
unsigned long scheme_get_deeper_address (void)
int scheme_escape_continuation_ok (Scheme_Object *)
void scheme_takeover_stacks (Scheme_Thread *p)
Scheme_Objectscheme_extract_one_cc_mark_with_meta (Scheme_Object *mark_set, Scheme_Object *key, Scheme_Object *prompt_tag, Scheme_Meta_Continuation **_meta_cont, MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE *_pos)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compose_continuation (Scheme_Cont *c, int num_rands, Scheme_Object *value)
Scheme_Overflowscheme_get_thread_end_overflow (void)
void scheme_end_current_thread (void)
void scheme_ensure_dw_id (Scheme_Dynamic_Wind *dw)
void scheme_apply_dw_in_meta (Scheme_Dynamic_Wind *dw, int post, int mc_depth, struct Scheme_Cont *recheck)
void scheme_drop_prompt_meta_continuations (Scheme_Object *prompt_tag)
struct Scheme_Promptscheme_get_barrier_prompt (struct Scheme_Meta_Continuation **_meta_cont, MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE *_pos)
int scheme_is_cm_deeper (struct Scheme_Meta_Continuation *m1, MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE p1, struct Scheme_Meta_Continuation *m2, MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE p2)
void scheme_recheck_prompt_and_barrier (struct Scheme_Cont *c)
Scheme_Objectscheme_all_current_continuation_marks (void)
void scheme_about_to_move_C_stack (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_apply_multi_with_dynamic_state (Scheme_Object *rator, int num_rands, Scheme_Object **rands, Scheme_Dynamic_State *dyn_state)
int scheme_wait_semas_chs (int n, Scheme_Object **o, int just_try, Syncing *syncing)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_sema_repost (Scheme_Object *sema)
Scheme_Objectscheme_wrap_evt (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_poll_evt (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
void scheme_get_outof_line (Scheme_Channel_Syncer *ch_w)
void scheme_post_syncing_nacks (Syncing *syncing)
int scheme_try_channel_get (Scheme_Object *ch)
int scheme_try_channel_put (Scheme_Object *ch, Scheme_Object *v)
XFORM_NONGCING Scheme_Objectscheme_make_small_bignum (long v, Small_Bignum *s)
char * scheme_number_to_string (int radix, Scheme_Object *obj)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_get_int_val (const Scheme_Object *o, long *v)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_get_unsigned_int_val (const Scheme_Object *o, unsigned long *v)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_get_long_long_val (const Scheme_Object *o, mzlonglong *v)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_get_unsigned_long_long_val (const Scheme_Object *o, umzlonglong *v)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_eq (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_lt (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_gt (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_le (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_bignum_ge (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_negate (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_add (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_subtract (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_add1 (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_sub1 (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_multiply (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_max (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_min (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
void scheme_bignum_divide (const Scheme_Object *n, const Scheme_Object *d, Scheme_Object **qp, Scheme_Object **rp, int norm)
Scheme_Objectscheme_generic_integer_power (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_gcd (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_integer_sqrt (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_integer_sqrt_rem (const Scheme_Object *n, Scheme_Object **r)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_and (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_or (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_xor (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_not (const Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bignum_shift (const Scheme_Object *a, long shift)
XFORM_NONGCING double scheme_bignum_to_double_inf_info (const Scheme_Object *n, int just_use, int *only_need)
void scheme_clear_bignum_cache (void)
long scheme_integer_length (Scheme_Object *n)
XFORM_NONGCING Scheme_Objectscheme_make_small_rational (long n, Small_Rational *space)
XFORM_NONGCING Scheme_Objectscheme_make_small_bn_rational (Scheme_Object *n, Small_Rational *space)
Scheme_Objectscheme_integer_to_rational (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_fixnum_rational (long n, long d)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_rational_eq (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
int scheme_rational_lt (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
int scheme_rational_gt (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
int scheme_rational_le (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
int scheme_rational_ge (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_negate (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_add (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_subtract (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_add1 (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_sub1 (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_multiply (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_max (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_min (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_divide (const Scheme_Object *n, const Scheme_Object *d)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_power (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_is_rational_positive (const Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_floor (const Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_truncate (const Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_ceiling (const Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_round (const Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rational_sqrt (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_small_complex (const Scheme_Object *n, Small_Complex *space)
Scheme_Objectscheme_real_to_complex (const Scheme_Object *n)
int scheme_complex_eq (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_negate (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_add (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_subtract (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_add1 (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_sub1 (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_multiply (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_divide (const Scheme_Object *n, const Scheme_Object *d)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_power (const Scheme_Object *a, const Scheme_Object *b)
Scheme_Objectscheme_complex_sqrt (const Scheme_Object *a)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_is_complex_exact (const Scheme_Object *o)
int scheme_check_double (const char *where, double v, const char *dest)
double scheme_get_val_as_double (const Scheme_Object *n)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_minus_zero_p (double d)
Scheme_Objectscheme_read_number (const mzchar *str, long len, int is_float, int is_not_float, int decimal_means_float, int radix, int radix_set, Scheme_Object *port, int *div_by_zero, int test_only, Scheme_Object *stxsrc, long line, long col, long pos, long span, Scheme_Object *indentation)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bin_gcd (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bin_quotient (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bin_mult (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bin_div (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bin_plus (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_bin_minus (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
int scheme_bin_eq (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
int scheme_bin_lt (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
int scheme_bin_gt (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
int scheme_bin_gt_eq (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
int scheme_bin_lt_eq (const Scheme_Object *n1, const Scheme_Object *n2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sub1 (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_add1 (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_odd_p (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_expt (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_modulo (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_sqrt (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_abs (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_inexact_to_exact (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_exact_to_inexact (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_inexact_p (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_TO_DOUBLE (const Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_to_bignum (const Scheme_Object *o)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_is_integer (const Scheme_Object *o)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_is_zero (const Scheme_Object *o)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_is_negative (const Scheme_Object *o)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_is_positive (const Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_polar (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_bitwise_shift (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_bitwise_and (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
int scheme_nonneg_exact_p (Scheme_Object *n)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_random_state (long seed)
long scheme_rand (Scheme_Random_State *rs)
void scheme_clear_delayed_load_cache ()
Scheme_Objectscheme_eval_linked_expr (Scheme_Object *expr)
Scheme_Objectscheme_eval_linked_expr_multi (Scheme_Object *expr)
Scheme_Objectscheme_eval_linked_expr_multi_with_dynamic_state (Scheme_Object *obj, Scheme_Dynamic_State *dyn_state)
Scheme_Object_scheme_apply_to_list (Scheme_Object *rator, Scheme_Object *rands)
Scheme_Object_scheme_tail_apply_to_list (Scheme_Object *rator, Scheme_Object *rands)
Scheme_Objectscheme_internal_read (Scheme_Object *port, Scheme_Object *stxsrc, int crc, int cantfail, int honu_mode, int recur, int expose_comment, int pre_char, Scheme_Object *readtable, Scheme_Object *magic_sym, Scheme_Object *magic_val, Scheme_Object *delay_load_info)
void scheme_internal_display (Scheme_Object *obj, Scheme_Object *port)
void scheme_internal_write (Scheme_Object *obj, Scheme_Object *port)
void scheme_internal_print (Scheme_Object *obj, Scheme_Object *port)
Scheme_Objectscheme_read_language (Scheme_Object *port, int nonlang_ok)
Scheme_Objectscheme_named_map_1 (char *, Scheme_Object *(*fun)(Scheme_Object *, Scheme_Object *form), Scheme_Object *lst, Scheme_Object *form)
XFORM_NONGCING int scheme_strncmp (const char *a, const char *b, int len)
Scheme_Objectscheme_default_eval_handler (int, Scheme_Object *[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_default_compile_handler (int, Scheme_Object *[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_default_print_handler (int, Scheme_Object *[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_default_prompt_read_handler (int, Scheme_Object *[])
void scheme_install_type_reader (Scheme_Type type, Scheme_Type_Reader f)
void scheme_install_type_writer (Scheme_Type type, Scheme_Type_Writer f)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_default_readtable (void)
Scheme_Object_scheme_apply_from_native (Scheme_Object *rator, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Object_scheme_apply_multi_from_native (Scheme_Object *rator, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Object_scheme_tail_apply_from_native (Scheme_Object *rator, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_force_value_same_mark (Scheme_Object *)
Scheme_Objectscheme_force_one_value_same_mark (Scheme_Object *)
void scheme_flush_stack_cache (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_load_delayed_code (int pos, struct Scheme_Load_Delay *ld)
int scheme_has_method_property (Scheme_Object *code)
Scheme_Native_Closure_Datascheme_generate_lambda (Scheme_Closure_Data *obj, int drop_code, Scheme_Native_Closure_Data *case_lam)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_new_comp_env (Scheme_Env *genv, Scheme_Object *insp, int flags)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_new_expand_env (Scheme_Env *genv, Scheme_Object *insp, int flags)
void scheme_check_identifier (const char *formname, Scheme_Object *id, const char *where, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Object *form)
int scheme_check_context (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *id, Scheme_Object *ok_modix)
Scheme_Objectscheme_check_immediate_macro (Scheme_Object *first, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info *erec, int drec, int int_def_pos, Scheme_Object **current_val, Scheme_Comp_Env **_xenv, Scheme_Object *ctx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_apply_macro (Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Env *menv, Scheme_Object *f, Scheme_Object *code, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Object *boundname, Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info *rec, int drec, int for_set)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_new_compilation_frame (int num_bindings, int flags, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Object *certs)
void scheme_add_compilation_binding (int index, Scheme_Object *val, Scheme_Comp_Env *frame)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_add_compilation_frame (Scheme_Object *vals, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, int flags, Scheme_Object *certs)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_require_renames (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_lookup_binding (Scheme_Object *symbol, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, int flags, Scheme_Object *certs, Scheme_Object *in_modidx, Scheme_Env **_menv, int *_protected, Scheme_Object **_lexical_binding_id)
Scheme_Objectscheme_add_env_renames (Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Comp_Env *upto)
Scheme_Objectscheme_env_frame_uid (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
void scheme_frame_captures_lifts (Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Lift_Capture_Proc cp, Scheme_Object *data, Scheme_Object *end_stmts, Scheme_Object *context_key, Scheme_Object *require_lifts, Scheme_Object *provide_lifts)
void scheme_propagate_require_lift_capture (Scheme_Comp_Env *orig_env, Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_frame_get_lifts (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_frame_get_end_statement_lifts (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_frame_get_require_lifts (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_frame_get_provide_lifts (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_generate_lifts_key (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_toplevel_require_for_expand (Scheme_Object *module_path, long phase, Scheme_Comp_Env *cenv, Scheme_Object *mark)
Scheme_Objectscheme_parse_lifted_require (Scheme_Object *module_path, long phase, Scheme_Object *mark, void *data)
void scheme_add_local_syntax (int cnt, Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
void scheme_set_local_syntax (int pos, Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Object *val, Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_closure (Scheme_Thread *p, Scheme_Object *compiled_code, int close)
Scheme_Closurescheme_malloc_empty_closure (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_native_closure (Scheme_Native_Closure_Data *code)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_native_case_closure (Scheme_Native_Closure_Data *code)
void scheme_reset_app2_eval_type (Scheme_App2_Rec *app)
Scheme_Native_Closure_Datascheme_generate_case_lambda (Scheme_Case_Lambda *cl)
void scheme_delay_load_closure (Scheme_Closure_Data *data)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compiled_void (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_register_toplevel_in_prefix (Scheme_Object *var, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_register_stx_in_prefix (Scheme_Object *var, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
void scheme_bind_syntaxes (const char *where, Scheme_Object *names, Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Env *exp_env, Scheme_Object *insp, Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info *rec, int drec, Scheme_Comp_Env *stx_env, Scheme_Comp_Env *rhs_env, int *_pos, Scheme_Object *rename_rib)
int scheme_is_sub_env (Scheme_Comp_Env *stx_env, Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
SFS_Infoscheme_new_sfs_info (int depth)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sfs (Scheme_Object *expr, SFS_Info *info, int max_let_depth)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sfs_expr (Scheme_Object *expr, SFS_Info *si, int self_pos)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sfs_closure (Scheme_Object *expr, SFS_Info *si, int self_pos)
void scheme_sfs_used (SFS_Info *info, int pos)
void scheme_sfs_push (SFS_Info *info, int count, int track)
void scheme_sfs_start_sequence (SFS_Info *si, int cnt, int last_is_tail)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sfs_add_clears (Scheme_Object *expr, Scheme_Object *clears, int pre)
Scheme_Objectscheme_protect_quote (Scheme_Object *expr)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_syntax_resolved (int idx, Scheme_Object *data)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_syntax_compiled (int idx, Scheme_Object *data)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_expr (Scheme_Object *, Optimize_Info *)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_lets (Scheme_Object *form, Optimize_Info *info, int for_inline)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_lets_for_test (Scheme_Object *form, Optimize_Info *info)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_apply_values (Scheme_Object *f, Scheme_Object *e, Optimize_Info *info, int e_single_result)
int scheme_compiled_duplicate_ok (Scheme_Object *o)
int scheme_compiled_propagate_ok (Scheme_Object *o, Optimize_Info *info)
int scheme_is_statically_proc (Scheme_Object *value, Optimize_Info *info)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_noninline_proc (Scheme_Object *e)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_expr (Scheme_Object *, Resolve_Info *)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_list (Scheme_Object *, Resolve_Info *)
int scheme_is_compiled_procedure (Scheme_Object *o, int can_be_closed, int can_be_liftable)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_lets (Scheme_Object *form, Resolve_Info *info)
Resolve_Prefixscheme_resolve_prefix (int phase, Comp_Prefix *cp, int simplify)
Resolve_Prefixscheme_remap_prefix (Resolve_Prefix *rp, Resolve_Info *ri)
Resolve_Infoscheme_resolve_info_create (Resolve_Prefix *rp)
Resolve_Infoscheme_resolve_info_extend (Resolve_Info *info, int size, int oldsize, int mapcount)
void scheme_resolve_info_add_mapping (Resolve_Info *info, int oldp, int newp, int flags, Scheme_Object *lifted)
void scheme_resolve_info_adjust_mapping (Resolve_Info *info, int oldp, int newp, int flags, Scheme_Object *lifted)
int scheme_resolve_info_flags (Resolve_Info *info, int pos, Scheme_Object **lifted)
int scheme_resolve_info_lookup (Resolve_Info *resolve, int pos, int *flags, Scheme_Object **lifted, int convert_shift)
int scheme_optimize_info_is_ready (Optimize_Info *info, int pos)
void scheme_resolve_info_set_toplevel_pos (Resolve_Info *info, int pos)
void scheme_enable_expression_resolve_lifts (Resolve_Info *ri)
Scheme_Objectscheme_merge_expression_resolve_lifts (Scheme_Object *expr, Resolve_Prefix *rp, Resolve_Info *ri)
Optimize_Infoscheme_optimize_info_create (void)
void scheme_optimize_propagate (Optimize_Info *info, int pos, Scheme_Object *value, int single_use)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_info_lookup (Optimize_Info *info, int pos, int *closure_offset, int *single_use)
void scheme_optimize_info_used_top (Optimize_Info *info)
void scheme_optimize_mutated (Optimize_Info *info, int pos)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_reverse (Optimize_Info *info, int pos, int unless_mutated)
int scheme_optimize_is_used (Optimize_Info *info, int pos)
int scheme_optimize_any_uses (Optimize_Info *info, int start_pos, int end_pos)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_clone (int dup_ok, Scheme_Object *obj, Optimize_Info *info, int delta, int closure_depth)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_shift (Scheme_Object *obj, int delta, int after_depth)
Scheme_Objectscheme_clone_closure_compilation (int dup_ok, Scheme_Object *obj, Optimize_Info *info, int delta, int closure_depth)
Scheme_Objectscheme_shift_closure_compilation (Scheme_Object *obj, int delta, int after_depth)
int scheme_closure_body_size (Scheme_Closure_Data *closure_data, int check_assign)
int scheme_closure_argument_flags (Scheme_Closure_Data *closure_data, int i)
int scheme_closure_has_top_level (Scheme_Closure_Data *data)
Optimize_Infoscheme_optimize_info_add_frame (Optimize_Info *info, int orig, int current, int flags)
int scheme_optimize_info_get_shift (Optimize_Info *info, int pos)
void scheme_optimize_info_done (Optimize_Info *info)
Scheme_Objectscheme_toplevel_to_flagged_toplevel (Scheme_Object *tl, int flags)
void scheme_env_make_closure_map (Optimize_Info *frame, mzshort *size, mzshort **map)
int scheme_env_uses_toplevel (Optimize_Info *frame)
int scheme_resolve_toplevel_pos (Resolve_Info *info)
int scheme_resolve_is_toplevel_available (Resolve_Info *info)
int scheme_resolve_quote_syntax_offset (int i, Resolve_Info *info)
int scheme_resolve_quote_syntax_pos (Resolve_Info *info)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_toplevel (Resolve_Info *info, Scheme_Object *expr, int keep_ready)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_invent_toplevel (Resolve_Info *info)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_invented_toplevel_to_defn (Resolve_Info *info, Scheme_Object *tl)
Scheme_Objectscheme_shift_toplevel (Scheme_Object *expr, int delta)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_generate_stub_lift (void)
int scheme_resolve_quote_syntax (Resolve_Info *info, int oldpos)
int scheme_resolving_in_procedure (Resolve_Info *info)
void scheme_resolve_lift_definition (Resolve_Info *info, Scheme_Object *var, Scheme_Object *rhs)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_compiled_syntax (Scheme_Syntax *syntax, Scheme_Syntax_Expander *exp)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compile_expr (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compile_sequence (Scheme_Object *forms, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compile_block (Scheme_Object *forms, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compile_list (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_compile_expr_lift_to_let (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
void scheme_default_compile_rec (Scheme_Compile_Info *src, int drec)
void scheme_compile_rec_done_local (Scheme_Compile_Info *src, int drec)
void scheme_init_compile_recs (Scheme_Compile_Info *src, int drec, Scheme_Compile_Info *dest, int n)
void scheme_merge_compile_recs (Scheme_Compile_Info *src, int drec, Scheme_Compile_Info *dest, int n)
void scheme_init_lambda_rec (Scheme_Compile_Info *src, int drec, Scheme_Compile_Info *lam, int dlrec)
void scheme_merge_lambda_rec (Scheme_Compile_Info *src, int drec, Scheme_Compile_Info *lam, int dlrec)
void scheme_init_expand_recs (Scheme_Expand_Info *src, int drec, Scheme_Expand_Info *dest, int n)
void scheme_rec_add_certs (Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info *src, int drec, Scheme_Object *stx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_closure_compilation (Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Object *uncompiled_code, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_sequence_compilation (Scheme_Object *compiled_list, int strip_values)
Scheme_Objectscheme_optimize_closure_compilation (Scheme_Object *_data, Optimize_Info *info)
Scheme_Objectscheme_resolve_closure_compilation (Scheme_Object *_data, Resolve_Info *info, int can_lift, int convert, int just_compute_lift, Scheme_Object *precomputed_lift)
Scheme_App_Recscheme_malloc_application (int n)
void scheme_finish_application (Scheme_App_Rec *app)
Scheme_Objectscheme_jit_expr (Scheme_Object *)
Scheme_Objectscheme_jit_closure (Scheme_Object *, Scheme_Object *context)
Scheme_Objectscheme_build_closure_name (Scheme_Object *code, Scheme_Compile_Info *rec, int drec)
intscheme_env_get_flags (Scheme_Comp_Env *frame, int start, int count)
Scheme_Hash_Tablescheme_map_constants_to_globals (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_expand_expr (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Expand_Info *erec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_expand_list (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Expand_Info *erec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_expand_block (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Expand_Info *erec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_expand_expr_lift_to_let (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, Scheme_Expand_Info *erec, int drec)
Scheme_Objectscheme_flatten_begin (Scheme_Object *expr, Scheme_Object *append_onto)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_svector (mzshort v, mzshort *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_hash_percent_name (const char *name, int len)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_branch (Scheme_Object *test, Scheme_Object *tbranch, Scheme_Object *fbranch)
int scheme_is_toplevel (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_extend_as_toplevel (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Comp_Envscheme_no_defines (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Envscheme_make_empty_env (void)
void scheme_prepare_exp_env (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_prepare_template_env (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_prepare_label_env (Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_prepare_env_renames (Scheme_Env *env, int kind)
int scheme_used_app_only (Scheme_Comp_Env *env, int which)
int scheme_used_ever (Scheme_Comp_Env *env, int which)
int scheme_omittable_expr (Scheme_Object *o, int vals, int fuel, int resolved, Optimize_Info *warn_info)
int scheme_is_env_variable_boxed (Scheme_Comp_Env *env, int which)
int scheme_get_eval_type (Scheme_Object *obj)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_stop_expander (void)
void scheme_define_parse (Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Object **vars, Scheme_Object **val, int defmacro, Scheme_Comp_Env *env, int no_toplevel_check)
void scheme_shadow (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *n, int stxtoo)
int scheme_prefix_depth (Resolve_Prefix *rp)
Scheme_Object ** scheme_push_prefix (Scheme_Env *genv, Resolve_Prefix *rp, Scheme_Object *src_modix, Scheme_Object *now_modix, int src_phase, int now_phase)
void scheme_pop_prefix (Scheme_Object **rs)
Scheme_Objectscheme_eval_clone (Scheme_Object *expr)
Resolve_Prefixscheme_prefix_eval_clone (Resolve_Prefix *rp)
Scheme_Objectscheme_module_eval_clone (Scheme_Object *data)
Scheme_Objectscheme_syntaxes_eval_clone (Scheme_Object *form)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_environment_dummy (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Envscheme_environment_from_dummy (Scheme_Object *dummy)
void scheme_validate_code (Mz_CPort *port, Scheme_Object *code, int depth, int num_toplevels, int num_stxes, int num_lifts, int code_vec)
void scheme_validate_expr (Mz_CPort *port, Scheme_Object *expr, char *stack, Validate_TLS tls, int depth, int letlimit, int delta, int num_toplevels, int num_stxes, int num_lifts, Scheme_Object *app_rator, int proc_with_refs_ok, int result_ignored, struct Validate_Clearing *vc, int tailpos)
void scheme_validate_toplevel (Scheme_Object *expr, Mz_CPort *port, char *stack, Validate_TLS tls, int depth, int delta, int num_toplevels, int num_stxes, int num_lifts, int skip_refs_check)
void scheme_validate_boxenv (int pos, Mz_CPort *port, char *stack, int depth, int delta)
int scheme_validate_rator_wants_box (Scheme_Object *app_rator, int pos, int hope, Validate_TLS tls, int num_toplevels, int num_stxes, int num_lifts)
void scheme_validate_closure (Mz_CPort *port, Scheme_Object *expr, char *new_stack, Validate_TLS tls, int num_toplevels, int num_stxes, int num_lifts, int self_pos_in_closure)
void scheme_ill_formed (Mz_CPort *port, const char *file, int line)
Scheme_Objectscheme_check_name_property (Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Object *current_name)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_lifted_defn (Scheme_Object *sys_wraps, Scheme_Object **_id, Scheme_Object *expr, Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
void scheme_marshal_using_key (Scheme_Marshal_Tables *mt, Scheme_Object *key)
Scheme_Objectscheme_marshal_lookup (Scheme_Marshal_Tables *mt, Scheme_Object *a)
Scheme_Objectscheme_marshal_wrap_set (Scheme_Marshal_Tables *mt, Scheme_Object *a, Scheme_Object *v)
void scheme_marshal_push_refs (Scheme_Marshal_Tables *mt)
void scheme_marshal_pop_refs (Scheme_Marshal_Tables *mt, int keep)
Scheme_Objectscheme_unmarshal_wrap_get (Scheme_Unmarshal_Tables *ut, Scheme_Object *wraps_key, int *_decoded)
void scheme_unmarshal_wrap_set (Scheme_Unmarshal_Tables *ut, Scheme_Object *wraps_key, Scheme_Object *v)
int scheme_is_rename_transformer (Scheme_Object *o)
int scheme_is_binding_rename_transformer (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_rename_transformer_id (Scheme_Object *o)
int scheme_is_set_transformer (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_set_transformer_proc (Scheme_Object *o)
void scheme_add_global_keyword (const char *name, Scheme_Object *v, Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_add_global_keyword_symbol (Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Object *v, Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_add_global_constant (const char *name, Scheme_Object *v, Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_add_global_constant_symbol (Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Object *v, Scheme_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_tl_id_sym (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *id, Scheme_Object *bdg, int mode, Scheme_Object *phase, int *_skipped)
int scheme_tl_id_is_sym_used (Scheme_Hash_Table *marked_names, Scheme_Object *sym)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sys_wraps (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_sys_wraps_phase (Scheme_Object *phase)
Scheme_Envscheme_new_module_env (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Module *m, int new_exp_module_tree)
int scheme_is_module_env (Scheme_Comp_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_module_resolve (Scheme_Object *modidx, int load_it)
Scheme_Envscheme_module_access (Scheme_Object *modname, Scheme_Env *env, int rev_mod_phase)
void scheme_module_force_lazy (Scheme_Env *env, int previous)
int scheme_module_export_position (Scheme_Object *modname, Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *varname)
Scheme_Objectscheme_check_accessible_in_module (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *prot_insp, Scheme_Object *in_modidx, Scheme_Object *symbol, Scheme_Object *stx, Scheme_Object *certs, Scheme_Object *unexp_insp, Scheme_Object *rename_insp, int position, int want_pos, int *_protected, int *_unexported, Scheme_Env *from_env, int *_would_complain)
Scheme_Objectscheme_module_syntax (Scheme_Object *modname, Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *name)
Scheme_Objectscheme_modidx_shift (Scheme_Object *modidx, Scheme_Object *shift_from_modidx, Scheme_Object *shift_to_modidx)
Scheme_Objectscheme_intern_resolved_module_path (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_intern_resolved_module_path_worker (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_hash_module_variable (Scheme_Env *env, Scheme_Object *modidx, Scheme_Object *stxsym, Scheme_Object *insp, int pos, int mod_phase)
Scheme_Envscheme_get_kernel_env ()
int scheme_is_kernel_env ()
void scheme_install_initial_module_set (Scheme_Env *env)
Scheme_Bucket_Tablescheme_clone_toplevel (Scheme_Bucket_Table *ht, Scheme_Env *home)
Scheme_Envscheme_copy_module_env (Scheme_Env *menv, Scheme_Env *ns, Scheme_Object *modchain, int clone)
void scheme_clean_dead_env (Scheme_Env *env)
Scheme_Modulescheme_extract_compiled_module (Scheme_Object *o)
int scheme_is_kernel_modname (Scheme_Object *modname)
void scheme_clear_modidx_cache (void)
void scheme_clear_shift_cache (void)
void scheme_clear_prompt_cache (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_module_imported_list (Scheme_Env *genv, Scheme_Object *bindings, Scheme_Object *modpath, Scheme_Object *mode)
Scheme_Objectscheme_module_exported_list (Scheme_Object *modpath, Scheme_Env *genv)
void scheme_prepare_compile_env (Scheme_Env *env)
Scheme_Objectscheme_module_to_namespace (Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Env *env)
void scheme_prep_namespace_rename (Scheme_Env *menv)
void scheme_read_err (Scheme_Object *port, Scheme_Object *stxsrc, long line, long column, long pos, long span, int is_eof, Scheme_Object *indentation, const char *detail,...)
char * scheme_extract_indentation_suggestions (Scheme_Object *indentation)
void scheme_wrong_syntax (const char *where, Scheme_Object *local_form, Scheme_Object *form, const char *detail,...)
void scheme_wrong_syntax_with_more_sources (const char *where, Scheme_Object *detail_form, Scheme_Object *form, Scheme_Object *extra_sources, const char *detail,...)
void scheme_wrong_rator (Scheme_Object *rator, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
void scheme_raise_out_of_memory (const char *where, const char *msg,...)
char * scheme_make_arity_expect_string (Scheme_Object *proc, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv, long *len)
long scheme_extract_index (const char *name, int pos, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv, long top, int false_ok)
void scheme_get_substring_indices (const char *name, Scheme_Object *str, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv, int spos, int fpos, long *_start, long *_finish)
void scheme_do_get_substring_indices (const char *name, Scheme_Object *str, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv, int spos, int fpos, long *_start, long *_finish, long len)
void scheme_out_of_string_range (const char *name, const char *which, Scheme_Object *i, Scheme_Object *s, long start, long len)
const char * scheme_number_suffix (int)
const char * scheme_hostname_error (int err)
char * scheme_make_args_string (char *s, int which, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv, long *olen)
int scheme_byte_string_has_null (Scheme_Object *o)
int scheme_any_string_has_null (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_do_exit (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_arity (mzshort minc, mzshort maxc)
Scheme_Objectscheme_arity (Scheme_Object *p)
void scheme_begin_dup_symbol_check (DupCheckRecord *r, Scheme_Comp_Env *e)
void scheme_dup_symbol_check (DupCheckRecord *r, const char *where, Scheme_Object *symbol, char *what, Scheme_Object *form)
Scheme_Objectscheme_special_comment_value (Scheme_Object *o)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_stack_trace (Scheme_Object *mark_set)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_or_check_arity (Scheme_Object *p, long a)
int scheme_native_arity_check (Scheme_Object *closure, int argc)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_native_arity (Scheme_Object *closure)
char * scheme_optimize_context_to_string (Scheme_Object *context)
void scheme_write_proc_context (Scheme_Object *port, int print_width, Scheme_Object *name, Scheme_Object *src, Scheme_Object *line, Scheme_Object *col, Scheme_Object *pos, int generated)
int scheme_is_relative_path (const char *s, long len, int kind)
int scheme_is_complete_path (const char *s, long len, int kind)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_file_directory (const char *filename)
char * scheme_normal_path_seps (char *s, int *_len, int delta)
int scheme_is_regular_file (char *filename)
void scheme_do_format (const char *procname, Scheme_Object *port, const mzchar *format, int flen, int fpos, int offset, int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_load_with_clrd (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[], char *who, int handler_param)
Scheme_Objectscheme_default_load_extension (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_remove_current_directory_prefix (Scheme_Object *fn)
char * scheme_get_exec_path (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_run_cmd (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_fd_identity (Scheme_Object *port, long fd)
Scheme_Objectscheme_extract_relative_to (Scheme_Object *obj, Scheme_Object *dir)
void scheme_flush_orig_outputs (void)
Scheme_Objectscheme_file_stream_port_p (int, Scheme_Object *[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_terminal_port_p (int, Scheme_Object *[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_do_open_input_file (char *name, int offset, int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[], int internal)
Scheme_Objectscheme_do_open_output_file (char *name, int offset, int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[], int and_read)
Scheme_Objectscheme_file_position (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_file_buffer (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_file_identity (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
void scheme_reserve_file_descriptor (void)
void scheme_release_file_descriptor (void)
long scheme_get_byte_string_or_ch_put (const char *who, Scheme_Object *port, char *buffer, long offset, long size, int only_avail, int peek, Scheme_Object *peek_skip, Scheme_Object *unless_evt, Scheme_Object *target_ch)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_special (Scheme_Object *inport, Scheme_Object *stxsrc, long line, long col, long pos, int peek, Scheme_Hash_Table **for_read)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_ready_read_special (Scheme_Object *port, Scheme_Object *stxsrc, Scheme_Hash_Table **ht)
void scheme_set_in_read_mark (Scheme_Object *stxsrc, Scheme_Hash_Table **ht)
Scheme_Objectscheme_get_special_proc (Scheme_Object *inport)
void scheme_bad_time_for_special (const char *name, Scheme_Object *port)
int scheme_user_port_byte_probably_ready (Scheme_Input_Port *ip, Scheme_Schedule_Info *sinfo)
int scheme_user_port_write_probably_ready (Scheme_Output_Port *op, Scheme_Schedule_Info *sinfo)
int scheme_is_user_port (Scheme_Object *port)
int scheme_byte_ready_or_user_port_ready (Scheme_Object *p, Scheme_Schedule_Info *sinfo)
int scheme_pipe_char_count (Scheme_Object *p)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_car (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_cdr (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_caar (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_cadr (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_cdar (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_cddr (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_mcar (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_mcdr (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_set_mcar (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_set_mcdr (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_vector_ref (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_vector_set (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_string_ref (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_string_set (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_byte_string_ref (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_byte_string_set (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Objectscheme_checked_syntax_e (int argc, Scheme_Object **argv)
Scheme_Objectscheme_vector_length (Scheme_Object *v)
Scheme_Bucket_Tablescheme_make_weak_equal_table (void)
int scheme_hash_table_equal_rec (Scheme_Hash_Table *t1, Scheme_Hash_Table *t2, void *eql)
int scheme_bucket_table_equal_rec (Scheme_Bucket_Table *t1, Scheme_Bucket_Table *t2, void *eql)
int scheme_hash_tree_equal_rec (Scheme_Hash_Tree *t1, Scheme_Hash_Tree *t2, void *eql)
void scheme_set_root_param (int p, Scheme_Object *v)
Scheme_Objectscheme_intern_exact_symbol_in_table_worker (Scheme_Hash_Table *symbol_table, int kind, const char *name, unsigned int len)
Scheme_Objectscheme_intern_exact_parallel_symbol (const char *name, unsigned int len)
Scheme_Objectscheme_symbol_append (Scheme_Object *s1, Scheme_Object *s2)
Scheme_Objectscheme_copy_list (Scheme_Object *l)
void scheme_reset_hash_table (Scheme_Hash_Table *ht, int *history)
Scheme_Objectscheme_regexp_source (Scheme_Object *re)
int scheme_regexp_is_byte (Scheme_Object *re)
Scheme_Objectscheme_make_regexp (Scheme_Object *str, int byte, int pcre, int *volatile result_is_err_string)
int scheme_is_pregexp (Scheme_Object *o)
void scheme_clear_rx_buffers (void)
unsigned short * scheme_ucs4_to_utf16 (const mzchar *text, int start, int end, unsigned short *buf, int bufsize, long *ulen, int term_size)
Scheme_Objectscheme_current_library_collection_paths (int argc, Scheme_Object *argv[])
Scheme_Envscheme_place_instance_init ()
Scheme_Envscheme_engine_instance_init ()


long scheme_total_gc_time
int scheme_cont_capture_count
int scheme_continuation_application_count
int scheme_starting_up
int scheme_builtin_ref_counter
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Objectscheme_orig_stdout_port
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Objectscheme_orig_stdin_port
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Objectscheme_orig_stderr_port
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Object ** scheme_current_runstack
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Object ** scheme_current_runstack_start
THREAD_LOCAL MZ_MARK_STACK_TYPE scheme_current_cont_mark_stack
THREAD_LOCAL MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE scheme_current_cont_mark_pos
volatile int scheme_fuel_counter
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Threadscheme_main_thread
THREAD_LOCAL int scheme_no_stack_overflow
THREAD_LOCAL Scheme_Thread_Setscheme_thread_set_top
int scheme_overflow_count
int scheme_main_was_once_suspended
THREAD_LOCAL voidscheme_overflow_stack_start
double scheme_infinity_val
double scheme_minus_infinity_val
double scheme_floating_point_zero
double scheme_floating_point_nzero
Scheme_Syntax_Optimizer scheme_syntax_optimizers [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_Resolver scheme_syntax_resolvers [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_SFSer scheme_syntax_sfsers [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_Validater scheme_syntax_validaters [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_Executer scheme_syntax_executers [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_Jitter scheme_syntax_jitters [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_Cloner scheme_syntax_cloners [_COUNT_EXPD_]
Scheme_Syntax_Shifter scheme_syntax_shifters [_COUNT_EXPD_]
int scheme_syntax_protect_afters [_COUNT_EXPD_]
const char * scheme_compile_stx_string
const char * scheme_expand_stx_string
const char * scheme_application_stx_string
const char * scheme_set_stx_string
const char * scheme_var_ref_string
const char * scheme_begin_stx_string
unsigned long scheme_max_found_symbol_name
int scheme_exiting_result
int scheme_active_but_sleeping
int scheme_file_open_count
int scheme_force_port_closed
int scheme_special_ok

Class Documentation

struct Scheme_Thread_Set

Definition at line 380 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Thread_Set:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * current
Scheme_Object * first
Scheme_Object * next
struct Scheme_Thread_Set * parent
Scheme_Object * prev
Scheme_Object * search_start
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Custodian

Definition at line 440 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Custodian:
Class Members
int alloc
Scheme_Object *** boxes
Scheme_Custodian_Reference * children
Scheme_Close_Custodian_Client ** closers
int count
void ** data
int elems
Scheme_Custodian_Reference * global_next
Scheme_Custodian_Reference * global_prev
char has_limit
Scheme_Custodian_Reference ** mrefs
Scheme_Custodian_Reference * parent
char recorded
char shut_down
Scheme_Custodian_Reference * sibling
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Custodian_Box

Definition at line 464 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Custodian_Box:
Class Members
Scheme_Custodian * cust
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * v
struct Scheme_Security_Guard

Definition at line 472 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Security_Guard:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * file_proc
Scheme_Object * link_proc
Scheme_Object * network_proc
struct Scheme_Security_Guard * parent
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Schedule_Info

Definition at line 481 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Schedule_Info:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * current_syncing
Scheme_Thread * false_positive_ok
short is_poll
int potentially_false_positive
double sleep_end
short spin
int w_i
struct Scheme_Parameterization

Definition at line 506 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Parameterization:
Class Members
Scheme_Bucket_Table *
Scheme_Object * prims
struct Scheme_Config

Definition at line 512 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Config:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * cell
int depth
Scheme_Object * key
struct Scheme_Config * next
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Bucket_With_Flags

Definition at line 543 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Bucket_With_Flags:
Class Members
Scheme_Bucket bucket
short flags
short id
struct Scheme_Bucket_With_Home

Definition at line 550 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Bucket_With_Home:
Class Members
Scheme_Bucket_With_Ref_Id bucket
Scheme_Env * home
struct Scheme_Hash_Tree

Definition at line 562 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Hash_Tree:
Class Members
int count
Scheme_Object * elems_box
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
struct RBNode * root
struct Scheme_Inspector

Definition at line 576 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Inspector:
Class Members
int depth
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Inspector * superior
struct Scheme_Struct_Property

Definition at line 582 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Struct_Property:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * guard
Scheme_Object * name
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * supers
struct Scheme_Struct_Type

Definition at line 591 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Struct_Type:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * accessor
Scheme_Object * guard
char * immutables
Scheme_Object * inspector
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
Scheme_Object * mutator
Scheme_Object * name
mzshort name_pos
mzshort num_islots
int num_props
mzshort num_slots
struct Scheme_Struct_Type * parent_types
Scheme_Object * prefab_key
Scheme_Object * proc_attr
Scheme_Object ** props
Scheme_Object * uninit_val
struct Scheme_Structure

Definition at line 619 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Structure:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * slots
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Struct_Type * stype
struct Struct_Proc_Info

Definition at line 626 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Struct_Proc_Info:
Class Members
mzshort field
char * func_name
Scheme_Struct_Type *
struct Scheme_Stx_Srcloc

Definition at line 681 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Stx_Srcloc:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * src
struct Scheme_Stx

Definition at line 690 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Stx:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * certs
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
Scheme_Object * props
Scheme_Stx_Srcloc * srcloc
union Scheme_Stx u
Scheme_Object * val
Scheme_Object * wraps
struct Scheme_Stx_Offset

Definition at line 703 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Stx_Offset:
Class Members
long col
long line
long pos
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * src
struct Scheme_App_Rec

Definition at line 903 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_App_Rec:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * args
mzshort num_args
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_App2_Rec

Definition at line 910 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_App2_Rec:
Class Members
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
Scheme_Object * rand
Scheme_Object * rator
struct Scheme_App3_Rec

Definition at line 918 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_App3_Rec:
Class Members
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
Scheme_Object * rand1
Scheme_Object * rand2
Scheme_Object * rator
struct Scheme_Branch_Rec

Definition at line 925 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Branch_Rec:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * fbranch
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * tbranch
Scheme_Object * test
struct Scheme_Compilation_Top

Definition at line 932 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Compilation_Top:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * code
mzshort max_let_depth
struct Resolve_Prefix * prefix
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Compiled_Let_Value

Definition at line 939 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Compiled_Let_Value:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
mzshort count
int * flags
mzshort position
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * value
struct Scheme_Let_Header

Definition at line 948 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Let_Header:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
mzshort count
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
mzshort num_clauses
struct Scheme_With_Continuation_Mark

Definition at line 959 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_With_Continuation_Mark:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
Scheme_Object * key
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * val
struct Scheme_Local

Definition at line 966 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Local:
Class Members
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
mzshort position
struct Scheme_Toplevel

Definition at line 984 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Toplevel:
Class Members
mzshort depth
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
int position
struct Scheme_Quote_Syntax

Definition at line 998 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Quote_Syntax:
Class Members
mzshort depth
mzshort midpoint
mzshort position
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Let_Value

Definition at line 1005 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Let_Value:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
mzshort count
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
mzshort position
Scheme_Object * value
struct Scheme_Let_One

Definition at line 1015 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Let_One:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
Scheme_Object * value
struct Scheme_Let_Void

Definition at line 1023 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Let_Void:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
mzshort count
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
struct Scheme_Letrec

Definition at line 1029 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Letrec:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * body
mzshort count
Scheme_Object ** procs
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Sequence

Definition at line 1036 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Sequence:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * array
mzshort count
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Case_Lambda

Definition at line 1042 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Case_Lambda:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * array
mzshort count
Scheme_Object * name
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Dynamic_State

Definition at line 1096 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Dynamic_State:
Class Members
Scheme_Object *volatile certs
struct Scheme_Comp_Env *volatile current_local_env
Scheme_Object *volatile mark
Scheme_Env *volatile menv
Scheme_Object *volatile modidx
Scheme_Object *volatile name
struct Scheme_Saved_Stack

Definition at line 1122 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Saved_Stack:
Class Members
struct Scheme_Saved_Stack * prev
long runstack_offset
long runstack_size
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED Scheme_Object ** runstack_start
struct Scheme_Cont_Mark

Definition at line 1130 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Cont_Mark:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * cache
Scheme_Object * key
Scheme_Object * val
struct Scheme_Cont_Mark_Chain

Definition at line 1139 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Cont_Mark_Chain:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * key
struct Scheme_Cont_Mark_Chain * next
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * val
struct Scheme_Cont_Mark_Set

Definition at line 1147 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Cont_Mark_Set:
Class Members
struct Scheme_Cont_Mark_Chain * chain
long cmpos
Scheme_Object * native_stack_trace
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Stack_State

Definition at line 1158 of file schpriv.h.

Class Members
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE cont_mark_pos
MZ_MARK_STACK_TYPE cont_mark_stack
long runstack_offset
struct Scheme_Cont

Definition at line 1178 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Cont:
Class Members
struct Scheme_Prompt * barrier_prompt
Scheme_Jumpup_Buf buf
Scheme_Continuation_Jump_State cjs
Scheme_Dynamic_Wind * common_dw
int common_dw_depth
int common_next_meta
char composable
long cont_mark_nonshare
long cont_mark_offset
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE cont_mark_pos_bottom
Scheme_Cont_Mark * cont_mark_stack_copied
Scheme_Thread ** cont_mark_stack_owner
long cont_mark_total
Scheme_Dynamic_Wind * dw
char empty_to_next_mc
Scheme_Object * extra_marks
char has_prompt_dw
Scheme_Object * init_break_cell
Scheme_Config * init_config
struct Scheme_Meta_Continuation * meta_continuation
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE meta_tail_pos
char need_meta_prompt
int next_meta
mz_jmp_buf * prompt_buf
Scheme_Object * prompt_id
void * prompt_stack_start
Scheme_Object * prompt_tag
struct Scheme_Overflow * resume_to
Scheme_Saved_Stack * runstack_copied
Scheme_Thread ** runstack_owner
Scheme_Saved_Stack * runstack_saved
long runstack_size
Scheme_Object ** runstack_start
struct Scheme_Overflow * save_overflow
mz_jmp_buf * savebuf
struct Scheme_Prompt * shortcut_prompt
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Stack_State ss
void * stack_start
struct Scheme_Cont * use_next_cont
Scheme_Object * value
struct Scheme_Escaping_Cont

Definition at line 1225 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Escaping_Cont:
Class Members
struct Scheme_Prompt * barrier_prompt
mz_jmp_buf * saveerr
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Overflow_Jmp

Definition at line 1252 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Overflow_Jmp:
Class Members
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED char captured
Scheme_Jumpup_Buf cont
mz_jmp_buf * savebuf
struct Scheme_Overflow

Definition at line 1259 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Overflow:
Class Members
void * id
Scheme_Overflow_Jmp * jmp
struct Scheme_Overflow * prev
void * stack_start
struct Scheme_Meta_Continuation

Definition at line 1279 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Meta_Continuation:
Class Members
char cm_caches
char cm_shared
struct Scheme_Cont * cont
long cont_mark_offset
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE cont_mark_pos
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE cont_mark_pos_bottom
MZ_MARK_STACK_TYPE cont_mark_stack
Scheme_Cont_Mark * cont_mark_stack_copied
long cont_mark_total
int copy_after_captured
int depth
char empty_to_next
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE meta_tail_pos
struct Scheme_Meta_Continuation * next
Scheme_Overflow * overflow
Scheme_Object * prompt_tag
struct Scheme_Prompt

Definition at line 1303 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Prompt:
Class Members
MZ_MARK_POS_TYPE boundary_mark_pos
void * boundary_overflow_id
Scheme_Object * id
char is_barrier
MZ_MARK_STACK_TYPE mark_boundary
mz_jmp_buf * prompt_buf
long runstack_boundary_offset
Scheme_Object ** runstack_boundary_start
long runstack_size
Scheme_Object so
void * stack_boundary
Scheme_Object * tag
struct Scheme_Channel_Syncer

Definition at line 1350 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Channel_Syncer:
Class Members
char in_line
struct Scheme_Channel_Syncer * next
Scheme_Object * obj
Scheme_Thread * p
char picked
struct Scheme_Channel_Syncer * prev
Scheme_Object so
struct Syncing * syncing
int syncing_i
struct Scheme_Sema

Definition at line 1360 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Sema:
Class Members
Scheme_Channel_Syncer * first
Scheme_Channel_Syncer * last
Scheme_Object so
long value
struct Scheme_Channel

Definition at line 1366 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Channel:
Class Members
Scheme_Channel_Syncer * get_first
Scheme_Channel_Syncer * get_last
Scheme_Channel_Syncer * put_first
Scheme_Channel_Syncer * put_last
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Channel_Put

Definition at line 1372 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Channel_Put:
Class Members
Scheme_Channel * ch
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * val
struct Evt_Set

Definition at line 1382 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Evt_Set:
Class Members
int argc
Scheme_Object ** argv
Scheme_Object so
struct Evt ** ws
struct Syncing

Definition at line 1392 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Syncing:
Class Members
Scheme_Accept_Sync * accepts
Scheme_Thread * disable_break
Scheme_Object ** nackss
char * reposts
int result
double sleep_end
int start_pos
float timeout
Scheme_Object ** wrapss
struct Scheme_Bignum

Definition at line 1442 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Bignum:
Class Members
bigdig * digits
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
int len
struct Small_Bignum

Definition at line 1461 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Small_Bignum:
Class Members
Scheme_Bignum o
bigdig v
struct Scheme_Rational

Definition at line 1512 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Rational:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * denom
Scheme_Object * num
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Complex

Definition at line 1548 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Complex:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * i
Scheme_Object * r
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Random_State

Definition at line 1737 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Random_State:
Class Members
Scheme_Object so
double x10
double x11
double x12
double x20
double x21
double x22
struct Comp_Prefix

Definition at line 1824 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Comp_Prefix:
Class Members
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED int num_stxes
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED int num_toplevels
Scheme_Hash_Table * stxes
Scheme_Hash_Table * toplevels
struct Scheme_Comp_Env

Definition at line 1832 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Comp_Env:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * certs
Scheme_Hash_Table * dup_check
Scheme_Env * genv
Scheme_Object * in_modidx
Scheme_Object * insp
Scheme_Object * intdef_name
struct Scheme_Comp_Env * next
mzshort num_bindings
Comp_Prefix * prefix
mzshort rename_rstart
mzshort rename_var_count
struct Scheme_Object * renames
int skip_depth
Scheme_Hash_Table * skip_table
Scheme_Object * uid
struct Scheme_Object ** uids
struct Scheme_Object ** values
struct Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info

Definition at line 1873 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Compile_Expand_Info:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * certs
short comp_flags
int depth
char dont_mark_local_use
int env_already
char no_module_cert
Scheme_Object * observer
char pre_unwrapped
char resolve_module_ids
Scheme_Object * value_name
struct Resolve_Prefix

Definition at line 1895 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Resolve_Prefix:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * delay_info_rpair
int num_lifts
int num_stxes
int num_toplevels
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object ** stxes
Scheme_Object ** toplevels
struct Resolve_Info

Definition at line 1904 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Resolve_Info:
Class Members
int count
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED char enforce_const
int * flags
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED char in_module
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED char in_proc
Scheme_Object ** lifted
Scheme_Object * lifts
int max_let_depth
mzshort * new_pos
struct Resolve_Info * next
mzshort * old_pos
mzshort * old_stx_pos
int oldsize
int pos
Resolve_Prefix * prefix
int size
int stx_count
Scheme_Hash_Table * stx_map
mzshort toplevel_pos
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED char use_jit
struct Optimize_Info

Definition at line 1933 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Optimize_Info:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * consts
Scheme_Object * context
char enforce_const
short inline_fuel
char letrec_not_twice
int new_frame
struct Optimize_Info * next
int original_frame
int preserves_marks
int * sd_depths
int single_result
int size
char ** stat_dists
Scheme_Hash_Table * top_level_consts
mzshort ** transitive_use
int * transitive_use_len
int transitive_use_pos
char * use
int used_toplevel
struct Scheme_Closure_Data

Definition at line 1981 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Closure_Data:
Class Members
mzshort * closure_map
mzshort closure_size
Scheme_Object * code
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
mzshort max_let_depth
Scheme_Object * name
mzshort num_params
struct Scheme_Closure

Definition at line 2003 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Closure:
Class Members
Scheme_Closure_Data * code
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * vals
struct Scheme_Native_Closure_Data

Definition at line 2014 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Native_Closure_Data:
Class Members
void * arity_code
mzshort closure_size
Scheme_Closed_Prim * code
Scheme_Inclhash_Object iso
mzshort max_let_depth
union Scheme_Native_Closure_Data u
union Scheme_Native_Closure_Data u2
struct Scheme_Native_Closure

Definition at line 2035 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Native_Closure:
Class Members
Scheme_Native_Closure_Data * code
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * vals
struct SFS_Info

Definition at line 2147 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for SFS_Info:
Class Members
int depth
int ip
int * max_calls
int max_nontail
int max_touch
int * max_used
int min_touch
Scheme_Object * saved
int selflen
int selfpos
int selfstart
int seqn
int stackpos
int tail_pos
int tlpos
struct Scheme_Marshal_Tables

Definition at line 2499 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Marshal_Tables:
Class Members
int cdata_counter
Scheme_Object ** cdata_map
Scheme_Hash_Table * cert_lists
Scheme_Hash_Table * delay_map
Scheme_Hash_Table * key_map
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED int print_now
Scheme_Hash_Table * reverse_map
Scheme_Hash_Table * rn_refs
Scheme_Hash_Table * rn_saved
Scheme_Hash_Table * rns
Scheme_Hash_Table * same_map
long * shared_offsets
Scheme_Hash_Table * shift_map
Scheme_Object ** sorted_keys
long sorted_keys_count
Scheme_Object * st_ref_stack
Scheme_Hash_Table * st_refs
Scheme_Hash_Table * symtab
Scheme_Hash_Table * top_map
struct Scheme_Unmarshal_Tables

Definition at line 2528 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Unmarshal_Tables:
Class Members
char * decoded
Scheme_Hash_Table *
struct CPort * rp
struct Scheme_Env

Definition at line 2552 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Env:
Class Members
char attached
Scheme_Object * available_next
Scheme_Object * did_starts
char disallow_unbound
Scheme_Object * dt_require_names
Scheme_Object * et_require_names
char et_running
struct Scheme_Env * exp_env
Scheme_Hash_Table * export_registry
int id_counter
Scheme_Object * insp
struct Scheme_Env * label_env
Scheme_Object * link_midx
long mod_phase
Scheme_Object * modchain
struct Scheme_Module * module
Scheme_Hash_Table * module_registry
Scheme_Hash_Table * modvars
Scheme_Hash_Table * other_require_names
long phase
Scheme_Object * post_ex_rename_set
char ran
Scheme_Object * rename_set
char rename_set_ready
Scheme_Object * require_names
char running
Scheme_Hash_Table * shadowed_syntax
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Bucket_Table * syntax
Scheme_Hash_Table * temp_marked_names
struct Scheme_Env * template_env
Scheme_Bucket_Table * toplevel
Scheme_Object * tt_require_names
struct Scheme_Module

Definition at line 2604 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Module:
Class Members
Scheme_Hash_Table * accessible
Scheme_Object * body
Comp_Prefix * comp_prefix
Scheme_Object * dt_requires
Scheme_Object * dummy
Scheme_Hash_Table * et_accessible
Scheme_Object * et_body
Scheme_Object ** et_indirect_provides
char * et_provide_protects
Scheme_Object * et_requires
Scheme_Object * hints
Scheme_Object * ii_src
Scheme_Object ** indirect_provides
Scheme_Object ** indirect_syntax_provides
Scheme_Object * insp
Scheme_Object * lang_info
int max_let_depth
struct Scheme_Module_Exports * me
Scheme_Object * modname
char no_cert
int num_indirect_et_provides
int num_indirect_provides
int num_indirect_syntax_provides
Scheme_Hash_Table * other_requires
Resolve_Prefix * prefix
Scheme_Invoke_Proc prim_body
Scheme_Invoke_Proc prim_et_body
Scheme_Env * primitive
char * provide_protects
Scheme_Object * requires
Scheme_Object * rn_stx
Scheme_Object * self_modidx
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * tt_requires
struct Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports

Definition at line 2661 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports:
Class Members
Scheme_Hash_Table * ht
Scheme_Object * kernel_exclusion
Scheme_Object * kernel_exclusion2
int num_provides
int num_var_provides
Scheme_Object * phase_index
Scheme_Object ** provide_insps
Scheme_Object ** provide_nominal_srcs
Scheme_Object ** provide_src_names
char * provide_src_phases
Scheme_Object ** provide_srcs
Scheme_Object ** provides
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * src_modidx
struct Scheme_Module_Exports

Definition at line 2684 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Module_Exports:
Class Members
Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports *
Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports *
Scheme_Hash_Table * other_phases
Scheme_Module_Phase_Exports *
Scheme_Object * src_modidx
struct Scheme_Modidx

Definition at line 2700 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Modidx:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * base
struct Scheme_Modidx * cache_next
Scheme_Object * path
Scheme_Object * resolved
Scheme_Object * shift_cache
Scheme_Object so
struct Module_Variable

Definition at line 2710 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Module_Variable:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * insp
int mod_phase
Scheme_Object * modidx
int pos
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * sym
struct DupCheckRecord

Definition at line 2866 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for DupCheckRecord:
Class Members
int count
Scheme_Hash_Table * ht
long phase
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED Scheme_Object * syms
struct Scheme_Logger

Definition at line 2889 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Logger:
Class Members
long local_timestamp
Scheme_Object * name
Scheme_Logger * parent
Scheme_Object * readers
Scheme_Object so
int stderr_level
int syslog_level
long * timestamp
int want_level
struct Scheme_Log_Reader

Definition at line 2899 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Log_Reader:
Class Members
Scheme_Object * head
Scheme_Object * sema
Scheme_Object so
Scheme_Object * tail
int want_level
struct Scheme_Indexed_String

Definition at line 3016 of file schpriv.h.

Class Members
int index
int size
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED char * string
union Scheme_Indexed_String u
struct Scheme_Pipe

Definition at line 3027 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Pipe:
Class Members
MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED unsigned char * buf
long bufend
long buflen
long bufmax
long bufmaxextra
long bufstart
int eof
Scheme_Object * wakeup_on_read
Scheme_Object * wakeup_on_write
struct Scheme_Place

Definition at line 3206 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Place:
Class Members
void * proc_thread
Scheme_Object so
struct Scheme_Engine

Definition at line 3217 of file schpriv.h.

Collaboration diagram for Scheme_Engine:
Class Members
Scheme_Object so
union Scheme_Stx.u

Definition at line 695 of file schpriv.h.

Class Members
long lazy_prefix
Scheme_Object * modinfo_cache
union Scheme_Native_Closure_Data.u

Definition at line 2017 of file schpriv.h.

Class Members
mzshort * arities
void * tail_code
union Scheme_Native_Closure_Data.u2

Definition at line 2024 of file schpriv.h.

Class Members
Scheme_Object * name
struct Scheme_Closure_Data * orig_code
union Scheme_Indexed_String.u

Definition at line 3021 of file schpriv.h.

Class Members
int hot
int pos

Define Documentation

#define _COUNT_EXPD_   12

Definition at line 2185 of file schpriv.h.

#define _MALLOC_N (   x,
)    ((x*)malloc(sizeof(x)*(n)))

Definition at line 30 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_complex_imaginary_part (   n)    (((Scheme_Complex *)(n))->i)

Definition at line 1557 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_complex_real_part (   n)    (((Scheme_Complex *)(n))->r)

Definition at line 1556 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_do_eval (   obj,
   ? obj : scheme_do_eval(obj, -1, env, v))

Definition at line 1753 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr (   obj)    scheme_do_eval(obj,-1,NULL,1)

Definition at line 1776 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr_multi (   obj)    scheme_do_eval(obj,-1,NULL,-1)

Definition at line 1777 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr_multi_wp (   obj,
)    scheme_do_eval_w_thread(obj,-1,NULL,-1,p)

Definition at line 1779 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_eval_linked_expr_wp (   obj,
)    scheme_do_eval_w_thread(obj,-1,NULL,1,p)

Definition at line 1778 of file schpriv.h.

#define _scheme_make_char (   ch)    scheme_make_character(ch)

Definition at line 1787 of file schpriv.h.

#define APPVALS_EXPD   10

Definition at line 2183 of file schpriv.h.

#define BEGIN0_EXPD   4

Definition at line 2177 of file schpriv.h.

#define BIG_OFF_T_IZE (   n)    n

Definition at line 2924 of file schpriv.h.

#define BITS_PER_MZSHORT   (8 * sizeof(mzshort))

Definition at line 128 of file schpriv.h.

#define BOXENV_EXPD   5

Definition at line 2178 of file schpriv.h.

#define CASE_LAMBDA_EXPD   3

Definition at line 2176 of file schpriv.h.

#define CHAR_STRING_W_NO_NULLS   "string (with no nul characters)"

Definition at line 2858 of file schpriv.h.

#define CHECK_PORT_CLOSED (   who,
)    if (closed) scheme_raise_exn(MZEXN_FAIL, "%s: " kind " port is closed", who);

Definition at line 3090 of file schpriv.h.

#define CLEAR_KEY_FIELD (   o)    /* empty */

Definition at line 147 of file schpriv.h.

#define CLOS_HAS_REF_ARGS   2

Definition at line 1864 of file schpriv.h.

#define CLOS_HAS_REST   1

Definition at line 1863 of file schpriv.h.

#define CLOS_IS_METHOD   16

Definition at line 1867 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 1865 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 1869 of file schpriv.h.

#define CLOS_SFS   8

Definition at line 1866 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 1868 of file schpriv.h.

#define CLOS_VALIDATED   128

Definition at line 1870 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 1889 of file schpriv.h.

#define COMP_CAN_INLINE   0x2

Definition at line 1890 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 3088 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 3089 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 2181 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 2174 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 2173 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 69 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 1319 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 70 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 71 of file schpriv.h.

#define GENERIC_BLOCKED   -1

Definition at line 1378 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOB_HAS_HOME_PTR   32

Definition at line 539 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOB_HAS_REF_ID   16

Definition at line 537 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 535 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOB_IS_CONST   1

Definition at line 533 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOB_IS_IMMUTATED   64

Definition at line 541 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOBAL_FOLDING_PRIM (   name,
)    scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_folding_prim(func, name, a1, a2, a3), env)

Definition at line 2723 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOBAL_IMMED_PRIM (   name,
)    scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_immed_prim(func, name, a1, a2), env)

Definition at line 2724 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOBAL_NONCM_PRIM (   name,
)    scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_noncm_prim(func, name, a1, a2), env)

Definition at line 2728 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOBAL_PARAMETER (   name,
)    scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_register_parameter(func, name, constant), env)

Definition at line 2725 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOBAL_PRIM_W_ARITY (   name,
)    scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_prim_w_arity(func, name, a1, a2), env)

Definition at line 2726 of file schpriv.h.

#define GLOBAL_PRIM_W_ARITY2 (   name,
)    scheme_add_global_constant(name, scheme_make_prim_w_arity2(func, name, a1, a2, a3, a4), env)

Definition at line 2727 of file schpriv.h.

#define HIDE_FROM_XFORM (   x)    x

Definition at line 123 of file schpriv.h.

#define HT_EXTRACT_WEAK (   x)    (*(char **)(x))

Definition at line 64 of file schpriv.h.

#define IMPROPER_LIST_FORM   "illegal use of `.'"

Definition at line 2854 of file schpriv.h.

#define IZI_REAL_PART (   n)    (((Scheme_Complex *)(n))->r)

Definition at line 1656 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 1750 of file schpriv.h.

#define MAKE_CLOSED_PRIM (   f,
)    scheme_make_closed_prim_w_arity((Scheme_Closed_Prim *)f, (void *)v, n, mi, ma)

Definition at line 27 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_N (   x,
)    _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc)

Definition at line 51 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_N_ATOMIC (   x,
)    _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc_atomic)

Definition at line 53 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_N_RT (   x,
)    MALLOC_N(x,c)

Definition at line 45 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_N_STUBBORN (   x,
)    _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc_stubborn)

Definition at line 55 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_N_TAGGED (   x,
)    _MALLOC_N(x, n, scheme_malloc_array_tagged)

Definition at line 33 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_N_WEAK (   x,

Definition at line 47 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_ONE (   x)    _MALLOC_N(x, 1, scheme_malloc)

Definition at line 31 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 52 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_ONE_RT (   x)    MALLOC_ONE(x)

Definition at line 44 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 32 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 49 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 46 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 48 of file schpriv.h.

#define MALLOC_SO_BOX ( )    _MALLOC_ONE(Scheme_Object*, scheme_malloc)

Definition at line 54 of file schpriv.h.

#define MAX_UTF8_CHAR_BYTES   6

Definition at line 3098 of file schpriv.h.

#define MODULE_EXPD   6

Definition at line 2179 of file schpriv.h.

#define MSC_W_IZE (   n)    MSC_IZE(n)

Definition at line 2991 of file schpriv.h.

#define MSC_WIDE_PATH (   s)    s

Definition at line 2992 of file schpriv.h.

#define MSC_WIDE_PATH_COPY (   s)    s

Definition at line 2993 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 349 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 348 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_DO_NOT_INLINE (   decl )

Definition at line 110 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_INLINE   MSC_IZE(inline)

Definition at line 131 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 1653 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_IS_NAN (   d)    (!((d) == (d)))

Definition at line 1603 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_IS_NEG_INFINITY (   d)    ((d) == scheme_minus_infinity_val)

Definition at line 1595 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_IS_POS_INFINITY (   d)    ((d) == scheme_infinity_val)

Definition at line 1594 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_LABEL_PHASE   30000

Definition at line 679 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_NO_INLINE   /* empty */

Definition at line 141 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 3095 of file schpriv.h.

#define mz_off_t   off_t

Definition at line 2928 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 346 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 347 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZ_UCS4_NAME   "UCS-4LE"

Definition at line 3178 of file schpriv.h.

#define mzALIAS   (void *)

Definition at line 126 of file schpriv.h.

#define mzMOD_RENAME_MARKED   2

Definition at line 770 of file schpriv.h.

#define mzMOD_RENAME_NORMAL   1

Definition at line 769 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 768 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZTAG_IF_REQUIRED   /* empty */

Definition at line 103 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZTHREAD_KILLED   0x4

Definition at line 397 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 398 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 400 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZTHREAD_RUNNING   0x1

Definition at line 395 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZTHREAD_STILL_RUNNING (   running)    ((running) && !((running) & MZTHREAD_KILLED))

Definition at line 401 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 396 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 399 of file schpriv.h.

#define MZTHREADELEM (   p,
)    scheme_ ## x

Definition at line 438 of file schpriv.h.

#define NARROW_PATH (   s)    s

Definition at line 2983 of file schpriv.h.

#define NOT_BLOCKED   0

Definition at line 1379 of file schpriv.h.

#define PAIR_FLAG_MASK   0x3

Definition at line 153 of file schpriv.h.

#define PAIR_IS_LIST   0x1

Definition at line 151 of file schpriv.h.

#define PAIR_IS_NON_LIST   0x2

Definition at line 152 of file schpriv.h.

#define PROMPT_STACK (   id)    ((void *)(&id))

Definition at line 1078 of file schpriv.h.

#define q_scheme_eval_linked (   obj)    _scheme_do_eval(obj, 1)

Definition at line 1756 of file schpriv.h.

#define q_scheme_tail_eval (   obj)    scheme_tail_eval(obj)

Definition at line 1757 of file schpriv.h.

#define REAL_NUMBER_STR   "real number"

Definition at line 1575 of file schpriv.h.

#define REF_EXPD   9

Definition at line 2182 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 91 of file schpriv.h.

#define REQUIRE_EXPD   7

Definition at line 2180 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 339 of file schpriv.h.

#define scheme_add_good_binding (   i,
)    (f->values[i] = v)

Definition at line 2131 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_APP_POS   2

Definition at line 2374 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_APPN_FLAGS (   app)    MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&app->iso)

Definition at line 916 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_BIGDIG (   b)    (((Scheme_Bignum *)b)->digits)

Definition at line 1459 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_BIGLEN (   b)    (((Scheme_Bignum *)b)->len)

Definition at line 1458 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 1503 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_BIGPOS (   b)    MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&((Scheme_Bignum *)b)->iso)

Definition at line 1454 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 2369 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 2366 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 1581 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_CLOSURE_DATA_FLAGS (   obj)    MZ_OPT_HASH_KEY(&(obj)->iso)

Definition at line 1999 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_COMPILED_CLOS_CODE (   c)    ((Scheme_Closure *)c)->code

Definition at line 2009 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_COMPILED_CLOS_ENV (   c)    ((Scheme_Closure *)c)->vals

Definition at line 2010 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_CONT_F (   obj)    (((Scheme_Escaping_Cont *)(obj))->f)

Definition at line 1235 of file schpriv.h.

#define SCHEME_DONT_MARK_USE   128

Definition at line 2380 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 2373 of file schpriv.h.


Definition at line 2376 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 1390 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 1431 of file schpriv.h.

Definition at line 1430 of file schpriv.h.

#define scheme_extend_env (   f,
)    (f-> = e, f)

Definition at line 2045 of file schpriv.h.