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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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schmach.h File Reference
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#define FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS   /* empty */
#define STK_COMP(a, b)   ((a) < (b))
#define STK_DIFF(a, b)   ((b) - (a))
#define STACK_SAFETY_MARGIN   50000


typedef long stack_val

Define Documentation

#define FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS   /* empty */

Definition at line 10 of file schmach.h.

Definition at line 37 of file schmach.h.

#define STACK_SAFETY_MARGIN   50000

Definition at line 55 of file schmach.h.

#define STK_COMP (   a,
)    ((a) < (b))

Definition at line 44 of file schmach.h.

#define STK_DIFF (   a,
)    ((b) - (a))

Definition at line 45 of file schmach.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef long stack_val

Definition at line 51 of file schmach.h.