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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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pdf.h File Reference
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struct  PDFstrm
struct  PLiodev


#define U_CHAR   unsigned char
#define U_SHORT   unsigned short
#define U_INT   unsigned int
#define U_LONG   unsigned long
#define PDF_ERROR   1 /* Unknown error */
#define PDF_FNOPEN   2 /* File not open */
#define PDF_FAOPEN   3 /* File already open */
#define PDF_BADUN   4 /* Bad unit number */
#define PDF_BADNBITS   5 /* Invalid # of bits */
#define PDF_RDERR   6 /* Read error */
#define PDF_WRERR   7 /* Write error */
#define PDF_NOTPDF   8 /* Not a valid PDF file */


void pdf_set PLARGS ((char *option, int value))
PDFstrm *pdf_fopen PLARGS ((char *fileName, char *mode))
PDFstrm *pdf_bopen PLARGS ((U_CHAR *buffer, long bufmax))
PDFstrm *pdf_finit PLARGS ((FILE *file))
PDFstrm *plLibOpenPdfstrm PLARGS ((char *fn))
int pdf_close PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs))
int pdf_putc PLARGS ((int c, PDFstrm *pdfs))
int pdf_rdx PLARGS ((U_CHAR *x, long nitems, PDFstrm *pdfs))
int pdf_rd_header PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, char *header))
int pdf_wr_string PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, const char *string))
int pdf_rd_string PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, char *string, int nmax))
int pdf_wr_1byte PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_CHAR s))
int pdf_rd_1byte PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_CHAR *ps))
int pdf_wr_2bytes PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_SHORT s))
int pdf_rd_2bytes PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_SHORT *ps))
int pdf_wr_2nbytes PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_SHORT *s, PLINT n))
int pdf_wr_4bytes PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_LONG s))
int pdf_rd_4bytes PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, U_LONG *ps))
int pdf_wr_ieeef PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, float f))
int pdf_rd_ieeef PLARGS ((PDFstrm *pdfs, float *pf))

Class Documentation

struct PDFstrm

Definition at line 46 of file pdf.h.

Class Members
long bp
unsigned char * buffer
long bufmax
FILE * file
struct PLiodev

Definition at line 57 of file pdf.h.

Class Members
int fd
FILE * file
char * fileHandle
char * fileName
int type
char * typeName

Define Documentation

#define PDF_BADNBITS   5 /* Invalid # of bits */

Definition at line 72 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_BADUN   4 /* Bad unit number */

Definition at line 71 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_ERROR   1 /* Unknown error */

Definition at line 68 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_FAOPEN   3 /* File already open */

Definition at line 70 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_FNOPEN   2 /* File not open */

Definition at line 69 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_NOTPDF   8 /* Not a valid PDF file */

Definition at line 75 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_RDERR   6 /* Read error */

Definition at line 73 of file pdf.h.

#define PDF_WRERR   7 /* Write error */

Definition at line 74 of file pdf.h.

#define U_CHAR   unsigned char

Definition at line 23 of file pdf.h.

#define U_INT   unsigned int

Definition at line 31 of file pdf.h.

#define U_LONG   unsigned long

Definition at line 35 of file pdf.h.

#define U_SHORT   unsigned short

Definition at line 27 of file pdf.h.

Function Documentation

void pdf_set PLARGS ( (char *option, int value )
PDFstrm* pdf_fopen PLARGS ( (char *fileName, char *mode)  )
PDFstrm* pdf_bopen PLARGS ( (U_CHAR *buffer, long bufmax)  )
PDFstrm* pdf_finit PLARGS ( (FILE *file )
PDFstrm* plLibOpenPdfstrm PLARGS ( (char *fn)  )
int pdf_getc PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs)  )
int pdf_ungetc PLARGS ( (int c, PDFstrm *pdfs)  )
int pdf_rdx PLARGS ( (U_CHAR *x, long nitems, PDFstrm *pdfs)  )
int pdf_wr_header PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, char *header )
int pdf_wr_string PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, const char *string )
int pdf_rd_string PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, char *string, int nmax)  )
int pdf_wr_1byte PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, U_CHAR s)  )
int pdf_rd_1byte PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, U_CHAR *ps)  )
int pdf_rd_2bytes PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, U_SHORT *ps)  )
int pdf_rd_2nbytes PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, U_SHORT *s, PLINT n)  )
int pdf_rd_4bytes PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, U_LONG *ps)  )
int pdf_wr_ieeef PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, float f)  )
int pdf_rd_ieeef PLARGS ( (PDFstrm *pdfs, float *pf)  )