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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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newgc.h File Reference
#include "commongc_internal.h"
#include "gc2_obj.h"
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struct  mpage
struct  Gen0
struct  MarkSegment
struct  Weak_Finalizer
struct  GC_Thread_Info
struct  OTEntry
struct  Range
struct  Page_Range
struct  NewGC


#define NUM_MED_PAGE_SIZES   (((LOG_APAGE_SIZE - 1) - 3) + 1)


typedef struct mpage mpage
typedef struct Gen0 Gen0
typedef struct MarkSegment MarkSegment
typedef struct Weak_Finalizer Weak_Finalizer
typedef struct GC_Thread_Info GC_Thread_Info
typedef struct AccountHook AccountHook
typedef struct OTEntry OTEntry
typedef struct Range Range
typedef struct Page_Range Page_Range
typedef mpage ** PageMap
typedef struct NewGC NewGC

Class Documentation

struct mpage

Definition at line 4 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for mpage:
Class Members
unsigned char added
void * addr
unsigned char back_pointers
void ** backtrace
unsigned char generation
unsigned char has_new
unsigned short live_size
unsigned char marked_on
unsigned char mprotected
struct mpage * next
unsigned char page_type
struct mpage * prev
unsigned long previous_size
unsigned long size
unsigned char size_class
struct Gen0

Definition at line 30 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for Gen0:
Class Members
struct mpage * big_pages
struct mpage * curr_alloc_page
unsigned long current_size
unsigned long max_size
struct mpage * pages
struct MarkSegment

Definition at line 38 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for MarkSegment:
Class Members
struct MarkSegment * next
struct MarkSegment * prev
void ** top
struct Weak_Finalizer

Definition at line 44 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for Weak_Finalizer:
Class Members
struct Weak_Finalizer * next
int offset
void * p
void * saved
struct GC_Thread_Info

Definition at line 51 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for GC_Thread_Info:
Class Members
struct GC_Thread_Info * next
int owner
void * thread
struct AccountHook

Definition at line 57 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for AccountHook:
Class Members
unsigned long amount
void * c1
void * c2
struct AccountHook * next
int type
struct OTEntry

Definition at line 65 of file newgc.h.

Class Members
char limit_set
void ** members
unsigned long memory_use
void * originator
char required_set
unsigned long single_time_limit
unsigned long super_required
struct Range

Definition at line 75 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for Range:
Class Members
struct Range * left
unsigned long len
struct Range * next
struct Range * prev
struct Range * right
unsigned long start
struct Page_Range

Definition at line 80 of file newgc.h.

Collaboration diagram for Page_Range:
Class Members
void * range_alloc_block
unsigned long range_alloc_size
unsigned long range_alloc_used
Range * range_root
Range * range_start

Define Documentation

#define NUM_MED_PAGE_SIZES   (((LOG_APAGE_SIZE - 1) - 3) + 1)

Definition at line 101 of file newgc.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Gen0 Gen0
typedef struct mpage mpage
typedef struct NewGC NewGC
typedef mpage** PageMap

Definition at line 98 of file newgc.h.

typedef struct Range Range