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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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mrdispatch.h File Reference
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typedef int(* wxDispatch_Check_Fun )(void *)
typedef void(* wxDispatch_Needs_Wakeup_Fun )(void *, void *)


void wxDispatchEventsUntil (wxDispatch_Check_Fun f, void *data)
Scheme_ObjectwxDispatchEventsUntilWaitable (wxDispatch_Check_Fun f, void *data, Scheme_Object *w)

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typedef int(* wxDispatch_Check_Fun)(void *)

Definition at line 5 of file mrdispatch.h.

Definition at line 6 of file mrdispatch.h.

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Definition at line 1699 of file mred.cxx.

Definition at line 1664 of file mred.cxx.

  MrEdContext *c;
  Scheme_Object *result = scheme_void;
  Scheme_Thread *thread;

  c = MrEdGetContext();
#ifdef wx_mac

  thread = scheme_get_current_thread();
  if (c->ready_to_go
      || (c->handler_running != thread)) {
    /* This is not the handler thread or an event still hasn't been
       dispatched. Wait. */
    if (w) {
      Scheme_Object *a[1];
      a[0] = w;
      result = scheme_sync(1, a);
    } else {
      scheme_block_until((Scheme_Ready_Fun)f, NULL, (Scheme_Object *)data, 0.0);
  } else {
    /* This is the main thread. Handle events */
    do {
      result = MrEdDoNextEvent(c, f, data, w);
      if (result)
    } while (1);

  return result;

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