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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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ITestControl Interface Reference

import "testobject.idl";

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Public Member Functions

HRESULT AddTest (long n1, long *n2,[out, retval]long *n3)
HRESULT StringTest (BSTR s1, BSTR s2,[out, retval]BSTR *s3)
HRESULT ShortTest (short int n1, short int n2,[out, retval]short int *n3)
HRESULT FloatTest (double n1, double n2,[out, retval]double *n3)
HRESULT UnsignedTest (unsigned n1, unsigned n2,[out, retval]unsigned *n3)


BSTR Caption [get, set]
long Numprop (long ndx) [get, set]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file testobject.idl.

Member Function Documentation

HRESULT ITestControl::AddTest ( long  n1,
long *  n2,
[out, retval] long *  n3 
HRESULT ITestControl::FloatTest ( double  n1,
double  n2,
[out, retval] double *  n3 
HRESULT ITestControl::ShortTest ( short int  n1,
short int  n2,
[out, retval] short int n3 
HRESULT ITestControl::StringTest ( BSTR  s1,
BSTR  s2,
[out, retval] BSTR *  s3 
HRESULT ITestControl::UnsignedTest ( unsigned  n1,
unsigned  n2,
[out, retval] unsigned *  n3 

Property Documentation

BSTR ITestControl::Caption [get, set]
long ITestControl::Numprop [get, set]

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