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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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gettextP.h File Reference
#include "loadinfo.h"
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struct  binding


#define PARAMS(args)   ()
#define W(flag, data)   ((flag) ? SWAP (data) : (data))


static nls_uint32 SWAP PARAMS ((nls_uint32 i))
struct loaded_l10nfile
PARAMS ((const char *__dirname, char *__locale, const char *__domainname))
void _nl_load_domain PARAMS ((struct loaded_l10nfile *__domain))


static nls_uint32 nls_uint32 i

Class Documentation

struct binding

Definition at line 59 of file gettextP.h.

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Class Members
char * dirname
char * domainname
struct binding * next

Define Documentation

#define PARAMS (   args)    ()

Definition at line 29 of file gettextP.h.

#define W (   flag,
)    ((flag) ? SWAP (data) : (data))

Definition at line 34 of file gettextP.h.

Function Documentation

static nls_uint32 SWAP PARAMS ( (nls_uint32 i ) [static]
struct loaded_l10nfile* _nl_find_domain PARAMS ( (const char *__dirname, char *__locale, const char *__domainname)  ) [read]

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 42 of file gettextP.h.