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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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compactgc_internal.h File Reference
#include "commongc_internal.h"
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struct  CompactGC


typedef struct CompactGC CompactGC

Class Documentation

struct CompactGC

Definition at line 3 of file compactgc_internal.h.

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Class Members
unsigned short cust_box_tag
unsigned short ephemeron_tag
GC_Ephemeron * ephemerons
Fnl * finalizers
int num_fnls
int num_last_seen_ephemerons
void * park
void * park_save
Roots roots
Fnl * splayed_finalizers
struct VM * vm
unsigned short weak_array_tag
GC_Weak_Array * weak_arrays
unsigned short weak_box_tag
GC_Weak_Box * weak_boxes

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