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plt-scheme  4.2.1
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infblock.h File Reference
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typedef struct inflate_blocks_state


OF ((z_streamp z, check_func c, uInt w))
int inflate_blocks OF ((inflate_blocks_statef *, z_streamp, int))
void inflate_blocks_reset OF ((inflate_blocks_statef *, z_streamp, uLongf *))
int inflate_blocks_free OF ((inflate_blocks_statef *, z_streamp))
void inflate_set_dictionary OF ((inflate_blocks_statef *s, const Bytef *d, uIntn))
int inflate_blocks_sync_point OF ((inflate_blocks_statef *s))

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 12 of file infblock.h.

Function Documentation

inflate_blocks_statef* inflate_blocks_new OF ( (z_streamp z, check_func c, uInt w)  )
int inflate_blocks OF ( (inflate_blocks_statef *, z_streamp, int )
void inflate_blocks_reset OF ( (inflate_blocks_statef *, z_streamp, uLongf *)  )
int inflate_blocks_free OF ( (inflate_blocks_statef *, z_streamp )
void inflate_set_dictionary OF ( (inflate_blocks_statef *s, const Bytef *d, uIntn)  )
int inflate_blocks_sync_point OF ( (inflate_blocks_statef *s)  )