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plt-scheme  4.2.1
wxDC Member List
This is the complete list of members for wxDC, including all inherited members.
anti_aliaswxDC [protected]
auto_settingwxDC [protected]
AutoSetTools(Bool set_auto)wxDC [inline]
BeginDrawing(void)wxDC [inline]
Blit(double xdest, double ydest, double w, double h, wxBitmap *src, double xsrc, double ysrc, int rop=wxSOLID, wxColour *c=NULL, wxBitmap *mask=NULL)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
CacheFontMetricsKey()wxDC [virtual]
CalcBoundingBox(double x, double y)wxDC [protected]
CanDrawBitmap(void)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
CanGetTextExtent(void)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
Clear(void)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
clippingwxDC [protected]
ComputeScaleAndOrigin(void)wxDC [protected]
current_background_colorwxDC [protected]
current_brushwxDC [protected]
current_cmapwxDC [protected]
current_fontwxDC [protected]
current_map_modewxDC [protected]
current_penwxDC [protected]
current_text_alignmentwxDC [protected]
current_text_bgwxDC [protected]
current_text_bgmodewxDC [protected]
current_text_fgwxDC [protected]
device_origin_xwxDC [protected]
device_origin_ywxDC [protected]
DeviceToLogicalX(int x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
DeviceToLogicalXRel(int x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
DeviceToLogicalY(int y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
DeviceToLogicalYRel(int y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
DrawArc(double x, double y, double w, double h, double start, double end)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawEllipse(double x, double y, double w, double h)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawLine(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawLines(int n, wxPoint pts[], double xoff=0, double yoff=0)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawLines(wxList *pts, double xoff=0, double yoff=0)wxDC [virtual]
DrawOpenSpline(wxList *pts)wxDC [protected, virtual]
DrawPath(wxPath *p, double dx, double dy, int fill=wxODDEVEN_RULE)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawPoint(double x, double y)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawPoint(wxPoint *pt)wxDC [inline]
DrawPolygon(int n, wxPoint pts[], double xoff=0, double yoff=0, int fill=wxODDEVEN_RULE)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawPolygon(wxList *pts, double xoff=0, double yoff=0, int fill=wxODDEVEN_RULE)wxDC [virtual]
DrawRectangle(double x, double y, double w, double h)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawRoundedRectangle(double x, double y, double w, double h, double radius=20)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
DrawSpline(int n, wxPoint pts[])wxDC
DrawSpline(wxList *pts)wxDC
DrawSpline(double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double x3, double y3)wxDC [virtual]
DrawText(char *text, double x, double y, Bool combine=FALSE, Bool use16=FALSE, int dt=0, double angle=0.0)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
EndDoc(void)wxDC [inline, virtual]
EndDrawing(void)wxDC [inline]
EndPage(void)wxDC [inline, virtual]
FLogicalToDeviceX(double x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
FLogicalToDeviceXRel(double x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
FLogicalToDeviceY(double y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
FLogicalToDeviceYRel(double y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
FLogicalToUnscrolledDeviceX(double x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
FLogicalToUnscrolledDeviceY(double y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
gc_cleanup()gc_cleanup [inline]
gc_cleanup()gc_cleanup [inline]
gc_cleanup(int cleanup)gc_cleanup [inline]
GetBackgroundMode()wxDC [inline]
GetBrush(void)wxDC [inline]
GetCharHeight(void)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
GetCharWidth(void)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
GetClippingRegion()=0wxDC [pure virtual]
GetDeviceOrigin(double *x, double *y)wxDC [inline]
GetFont(void)wxDC [inline]
GetMapMode(void)wxDC [inline]
GetOptimization(void)wxDC [inline]
GetPen(void)wxDC [inline]
GetPixel(double WXUNUSED(x), double WXUNUSED(y), wxColour *WXUNUSED(col))wxDC [inline]
GetSize(double *w, double *h)wxDC [inline, virtual]
GetSizeMM(double *w, double *h)wxDC [inline]
GetTextAlignment(void)wxDC [inline]
GetTextBackground(void)wxDC [inline]
GetTextExtent(const char *s, double *w, double *h, double *descent=0, double *ext_leading=0, wxFont *font=NULL, Bool combine=FALSE, Bool use16bit=FALSE, int dt=0, int len=-1)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
GetTextForeground(void)wxDC [inline]
GetUserScale(double *xs, double *ys)wxDC [inline]
GlyphAvailable(int c, wxFont *f=NULL)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
logical_scale_xwxDC [protected]
logical_scale_ywxDC [protected]
LogicalToDeviceX(double x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
LogicalToDeviceXRel(double x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
LogicalToDeviceY(double y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
LogicalToDeviceYRel(double y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
LogicalToUnscrolledDeviceX(double x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
LogicalToUnscrolledDeviceY(double y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
mm_to_pix_xwxDC [protected]
mm_to_pix_ywxDC [protected]
Ok(void)wxDC [inline, virtual]
okwxDC [protected]
operator delete(void *obj)gc [inline]
operator delete(void *, void *)gc [inline]
operator delete(void *obj)gc [inline]
operator delete[](void *obj)gc [inline]
operator delete[](void *, void *)gc [inline]
operator new(size_t size)gc [inline]
operator new(size_t size, GCPlacement gcp)gc [inline]
operator new(size_t size, void *p)gc [inline]
operator new(size_t size)gc [inline]
operator new(size_t size, GCPlacement gcp)gc [inline]
operator new[](size_t size)gc [inline]
operator new[](size_t size, GCPlacement gcp)gc [inline]
operator new[](size_t size, void *p)gc [inline]
optimizewxDC [protected]
scale_xwxDC [protected]
scale_ywxDC [protected]
SetAlpha(double d)wxDC [virtual]
SetAntiAlias(int v)wxDC [virtual]
SetBackground(wxColour *c)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetBackgroundMode(int mode)wxDC [inline]
SetBrush(wxBrush *brush)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetClippingRect(double x, double y, double w, double h)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetClippingRegion(wxRegion *r)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetColourMap(wxColourMap *cmap)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetDeviceOrigin(double x, double y)wxDC
SetFont(wxFont *font)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetLogicalScale(double xs, double ys)wxDC
SetMapMode(int mode)wxDC
SetOptimization(Bool opt)wxDC [inline]
SetPen(wxPen *pen)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetTextAlignment(int new_alignment)wxDC [inline]
SetTextBackground(wxColour *col)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetTextForeground(wxColour *col)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
SetUserScale(double xs, double ys)wxDC [virtual]
StartDoc(char *WXUNUSED(message))wxDC [inline, virtual]
StartPage(void)wxDC [inline, virtual]
TryColour(wxColour *src, wxColour *dest)=0wxDC [pure virtual]
UnscrolledDeviceToLogicalX(int x)wxDC [inline, virtual]
UnscrolledDeviceToLogicalY(int y)wxDC [inline, virtual]
user_scale_xwxDC [protected]
user_scale_ywxDC [protected]
wxObject(Bool cleanup)wxObject
XDEV2LOG(int x)wxDC [inline, protected]
XDEV2LOGREL(int x)wxDC [inline, protected]
XLOG2DEV(double x)wxDC [inline, protected]
XLOG2DEVREL(double x)wxDC [inline, protected]
YDEV2LOG(int y)wxDC [inline, protected]
YDEV2LOGREL(int y)wxDC [inline, protected]
YLOG2DEV(double y)wxDC [inline, protected]
YLOG2DEVREL(double y)wxDC [inline, protected]
~gc()gc [inline, virtual]
~gc_cleanup()gc_cleanup [inline, virtual]
~gc_cleanup()gc_cleanup [inline, virtual]
~wxObject(void)wxObject [virtual]