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plt-scheme  4.2.1
draw.SillyCanvas Member List
This is the complete list of members for draw.SillyCanvas, including all inherited members.
Canvas(int width, int height)draw.Canvas [inline]
close()draw.Canvas [inline]
copy()draw.Canvas [protected]
drawCircle(Posn p, int r, IColor c)draw.SillyCanvas [inline]
drawDisk(Posn p, int r, IColor c)draw.SillyCanvas [inline]
drawLine(Posn p0, Posn p1, IColor c)draw.SillyCanvas [inline]
drawRect(Posn p, int width, int height, IColor c)draw.SillyCanvas [inline]
drawString(Posn p, String s)draw.SillyCanvas [inline]
show()draw.SillyCanvas [inline]
SillyCanvas(int w, int h)draw.SillyCanvas [inline, package]
stop()draw.Canvas [protected]
warning()draw.SillyCanvas [inline, private]
xdraw.SillyCanvas [private]
ydraw.SillyCanvas [private]